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SociaLight: Behind the Scenes at Media Day

TE Mark Andrews

There's one day NFL media departments look forward to the most in the offseason. No, not the Draft (although that's probably a close second). Media Day is a spectacle of all things content!

From photo stations to intro video sets, Media Day is the time for our department to capture all sorts of fun content that we use throughout the season.

Those great graphics you see on social media all year long? Cut outs from our Media Day sets!

Those cool stylized shots of players in highlight videos and on the video boards at M&T Bank Stadium? You guessed it, Media Day!

It's especially important to get new content for guys who changed numbers in the offseason so we can swap out graphics and GIFs with their updated looks. These two look clean in the single digits!

The Joker stole the show this year. How sick are these?

QB1 always has the most stops to hit on his Media Day rounds.

Stay tuned for all the fun content to come!

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