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SociaLight: Marlon Humphrey Is Living in a Camper

CB Marlon Humphrey
CB Marlon Humphrey

Welcome to Marlon's Marquee Oasis. The Ravens star cornerback is the latest Raven to opt for the camper lifestyle.

After he signed his new contract with the Ravens, Humphrey said he was expecting to finish the season and return home to a new house, but COVID delays had other plans.

Humphrey loves the land his house is on, as he has dubbed it his "Marquee Oasis," so he opted to stay on the property a different way. His offseason crib is a camper! Check out this episode of Team Whistle's series, "Days Off."

Humphrey isn't the first Raven to live the camper life. During the 2020 season, offensive lineman Bradley Bozeman and his wife Nikki famously lived in a RV before ultimately purchasing their first home a year later.

In the episode, Marlon says even his coaches asked, "Why are you living in a camper?" Humphrey has relished the time close to nature with his garden, fishing, and exploring the property. He's even got some cross training in laying sod.

From covering the league's top corners to designing his own oasis, it seems there's nothing Marlon can't do!

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