SociaLight: Patrick Queen Petitions Lamar Jackson for No. 8

LB Patrick Queen

There could be a new No. 8 in Baltimore.

The Kansas City Chiefs have proposed a rule change that would broaden the use of single-digit numbers in the NFL, allowing running backs, tight ends, defensive backs and linebackers to use single digits (previously only allowed for quarterbacks, kickers and punters).

So, Lamar? Patrick Queen would like a word.

The linebacker did dominate rocking the 8 at LSU.

Cue Lamar's reaction.

Queen isn't the only one excited about the prospect if new jersey numbers.

DeShon Elliot was a first-team All-American wearing 4 at Texas.

Seems James Proche would like to go back to number 3 as well.

Should Marquise "Hollywood" Brown go back to 5?

Orlando Brown Jr. has No. 78, which is the same number he had in college, but he seems interested.

The possibilities are endless. If you already have that Lamar 8 jersey don't fret— sorry Patrick— I don't think the MVP is giving that one up.

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