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SociaLight: Ravens Players Hate Flashy College Commitments


You may have seen this heartwarming video that went viral this week. This Patriots fan welcomed local homeless men to celebrate the Super Bowl with him, decking them out in Patriots gear and providing them the classic Super Bowl Sunday food.

Matthew Judon was moved and reached out to his teammates to plan something similar in Baltimore next season.

Such a prime example that football is so much more than a game. Never thought I'd say this, but props Patriots fan!

Speaking of viral clips, did you see this commitment to the University of Michigan?

Eric Weddle is NOT a fan.

Even Michigan alum Chris Wormley wasn't having it.

It's a growing trend for marquee high school recruits to have over-the-top college commitment announcements. Call him old fashioned, but Weddle is taking a stand.

Lamar Jackson let his college tape do the talking. His college career was a highlight reel.

It's almost Valentine's Day, which has the squad feeling a little romantic.

Quincy Adeboyejo has some sage advice for the fellas this year.

February is the perfect time for an anniversary! Congrats on three years to the Griffins.

Griffin also had some fun with this meme on Twitter.

The Lakers drama was the talk of the NBA this week ahead of Thursday's trade deadline. After Anthony Davis told the New Orleans Pelicans he would not re-sign with them and would like to be traded, there was speculation that the Lakers would trade for Davis to team him up with LeBron James. Tony Jefferson loves to troll Lakers fans (including Weddle) on Twitter, so you know he had to chime in.

This week, I'm going to leave you with the great philosophical debate. It's time to settle it once and for all.

Five Guys or In-N-Out?

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