'Star Wars' Among Terrell Suggs' Top 5 Movies


*This is an excerpt from The Players' Tribune "Watchlist" series, which highlights athletes' favorite movies and/or TV shows. This edition features movie producer and huge film buff, outside linebacker Terrell Suggs. *

Here's Suggs explaining why he loves Star Wars:

I'm a big "Star Wars" guy. Huge. The original trilogy, the newer releases, all of it — I'm in. And you know I can't wait for this next one to come out. 

I get that fans weren't feeling the later movies. And of course, the original three are my favorites, too. But at the same time, I think the second trilogy is slept on. First off, the modern technology and effects are pretty cool. And second, Anakin is my guy.

Yes, you read that right. Team Anakin. Everyone loves Luke and Han, and Qui-Gon is cool too — but the story of Anakin, hands down, is my favorite. And you really got to see his character's full arc in those later movies.

I think the original trilogy was just so ahead of its time, so mind-blowing, that anything after it had too much to live up to.

As for *"The Force Awakens," *I'm excited to see some of the old cast return to the screen. I mean, Han Solo is like, what — in his 60s or 70s now? Plus, we'll meet some new characters and get to finally see the story continue. I think that's important for the fans: We want to keep following along and see the legacy endure.

I'm obviously not sure if I'll be disappointed or satisfied — probably both — but I can't wait to find out. When opening weekend gets here, look for me at the front of the line.

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