Steve Bisciotti: We Won't Take Terrell Suggs Money


Ever since Terrell Suggs went down with an Achilles tendon injury this offseason, pundits have speculated about whether the Ravens would withhold his salary because the injury occurred away from team grounds.

Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti put an end to that talk on Friday.

"I think [withholding his salary] would be a terrible message," Bisciotti said Friday during the Under Armour partnership announcement. "I'd be scared to come to work."

Suggs says that the injury occurred during a conditioning test, while other reports have stated that he was hurt playing in a basketball tournament.

Whether he was hurt during a basketball game or a conditioning test doesn't matter to Bisciotti.

"I would be more upset if he hurt himself sleeping on his couch all offseason," Bisciotti said. "To me, if our players are engaged in activities that keep them in shape, I'm proud of them for doing it.

"If he's playing basketball then that's great."

Suggs was criticized in 2009 for reporting to training camp out of shape, and he ended up having a down season. He vowed after the season that he would always stay in shape during the offseason, and he followed up 2009 by making back-to-back Pro Bowls.

"I'm proud of Terrell," Bisciotti said. "He got criticized for being out of shape a couple years ago and he said it would never happen again and he made the Pro Bowl last year and then he made Defensive Player of the Year this year."

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