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John Harbaugh's Iconic Locker Room Dance Inspires Salt Box Art

HC John Harbaugh's locker room dance on a TV box outside of the 98Rock flagship station.
HC John Harbaugh's locker room dance on a TV box outside of the 98Rock flagship station.

John Harbaugh's dance moves are now art.

Anyone passing by Television Hill in Baltimore can see a salt box that features an image of Harbaugh striking a pose.

The memorable moment of Harbaugh dancing in the locker room following the Ravens' 34-10 divisional playoff win over the Texans was captured perfectly by Ravens photographer Shawn Hubbard.

The salt box was decorated by artist Juliet Ames, who was inspired when she saw Hubbard's viral picture.

Decorating salt boxes around the city is a passion for Ames, a Baltimore native. She estimates she's done artwork on close to 200 salt boxes over the years.

"I'm not really a sporty person, but I love the culture around this team, the locker room, the fashion, the dancing," Ames said. "We need that kind of positivity around town. I think what the Ravens are doing is amazing."

Ames said it only took her about an hour in her studio Sunday night to draw the image of Harbaugh dancing. She draws her images on plastic that is like material used to paint a campaign sign, then attaches the image to the salt box.

Recently, Ames decorated a salt box with an image of comedian Stavros "Stavvy" Halkias, who has blown up portraying Ravens superfan “Ronnie.”

"It takes about five minutes to install the images on the salt box and then I run away," Ames said laughing. "My main job is making broken plate jewelry. Like if you break your grandma's plate, I can make jewelry from it.

"I started decorating salt boxes back in 2020. It's kind of like my side hustle, my side fun. There's no money in it, but it's super fun. I think I'm spreading what's positive about Baltimore."

Ames said the Baltimore Department of Transportation saves her art when it's removed from salt boxes, so she can collect it when the boxes are emptied and changed out during the spring and summer.

Both Ames and her 16-year-old-son Nolan are huge fans of wide receiver Zay Flowers, and they'll be watching Sunday's Ravens-Chiefs AFC Championship game, hoping Flowers or another Raven delivers a magical moment that leads to another salt box being decorated.

Hubbard saw Ames' salt box decoration on social media and loves what she is doing.

"I'd never really had a photo go viral before," Hubbard said. "It was all in good fun. I'm a die-hard lover of Baltimore. The salt boxes have this cult following, something people have a lot of fun with. I got a big kick out of it. I think it's great the city is excited about that moment."

Hubbard has also been blown away by the viral reaction to the picture and is grateful the team gave him access to being in the locker room at that moment.

Hubbard had a feeling something special was about to happen when the music started and he captured the moment.

"When I got home, I saw the team had posted it, and then I saw some comments about a picture of Harbaugh dancing going viral," Hubbard said. "I was like, 'Nah, it can't be the same photo.'  But it was. It was cool to see. Everyone's clearly enjoying it."

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