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Top 10 Moments of Ray Lewis' Hall of Fame Speech


The moment when Ray Lewis took the Pro Football Hall of Fame stage wearing a wireless mic and holding a towel, Ravens fans knew his speech was about to be epic.

Lewis delivered with a memorable speech of about 33 minutes, which was, for the record, shorter than that of Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre (2016).

Here are the top 10 moments, in chronological order:

1. When daughter Diaymon Lewis presented her dad

2. The moment when Ray's bust was revealed

3. When Ray talked about his Super Bowl XLVII comeback

4. This quote …

5. When Ray talked about his mom being his hero

6. When Ray had to tell himself not to cry when talking to his brother, Keon

7. When Ray and Jonathan Ogden did the "Squirrel Dance" together

8. When Ray gave Baltimore fans, Owner Art Modell and his coaches their props.

9. When Ray called Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps one of his "greatest friends ever"

10. When Ray said anyone could be a leader and encouraged people to "fight for love"

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