Torrey Smith's 30 Days Of Thanks


OK, how can you not LOVE the adorable Smith family?

They're even more lovable when made into cartoon characters in a web image promoting their "Torrey & Chanel’s 30 Days of Thanks" as they count down to Thanksgiving Day.

"Gratitude is the best attitude," they say.


"Things have not gone the way that I planned this year YET (It will), but I'm still blessed to be living the dream," Torrey wrote in his personal blog. "It's so easy to consume our minds with the negatives in life and we sometimes forget to reflect on the positives. So my wife and I have decided to take the month of November (in honor or Thanksgiving), to set aside all complaints and focus on the things that we are thankful for."

Torrey and Chanel will post what they are grateful for each day based on a list of 30 topics (see below) they created. They encouraged their social media followers to do the same, using the hashtag #TC30Days.

I'm in! (I'm a little behind, but I'll catch up).

Day 1: God/Faith
Day 2: Family
Day 3: Football
Day 4: Health
Day 5: Transportation
Day 6: Friends
Day 7: Job/Career
Day 8: Fans
Day 9: Spouse
Day 10: Teachers
Day 11:*Music
Day 12: Clean Water
Day 13: Clothes
Day 14: Forgiveness
Day 15: Phones
Day 16: Child
Day 17: Education
Day 18: Entertainment
Day 19: Food
Day 20: Earth
Day 21: Service Workers
Day 22: Freedom
Day 23:
Day 24: Money
Day 25: Shelter
Day 26: Pets
Day 27: Senses
Day 28: Doctors and Nurses
Day 29: Charity
Day 30: Life Itself

Smith is already off to a great start. Here is what he is thankful for, four days into the challenge:

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