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Training Camp Transcript - Aug. 5

**Head Coach John Harbaugh**Opening Statement: "Thanks for coming. [It was] a good, hard work day. As Jarret Johnson said, 'We're just out here grinding,' so that's what we're doing."

On the timeline for deciding on a starting kicker and the criteria to win the job: "September 13 will be the deadline. We'll have to have a kicker by then. The criteria will be whoever kicks the best, so it's not real complicated. [The game situation] is all part of it. The game situations are the most important part of it. Kickoffs will factor in, stats will factor in, but the bottom line will be who we feel best about. Some of it is going to be kind of a gut [decision], because these guys are both really good. So, whichever guy we feel best about will be the guy – or neither of them will be the guy. So, I just think that's kind of… It's not really defined that way. We just need to go with who we think is the best guy."

On the progress of CB Samari Rolle, who is currently on PUP: "Samari is going to get back out here real soon, at least with the non-contact stuff. So, he's really itching to get back, and we should see him out here in the next day or two."

On what Rolle can contribute to the defense when he is healthy: "He can play corner really well. So, what are you asking?"

On whether he would possibly play in nickel packages or other situations: "He could possibly play nickel and things like that. So, what are you asking? Is he competing for a starting spot? Sure. Actually, absolutely. We put the best guys out there. We don't care how much guys make. We put the best players out there. And who's the best player? Whoever is playing the best. That's how it works."

On whether it is dangerous to put QB Joe Flacco in on special teams plays: "Not worried about it. Joe's running special teams out there. Yes, it's a 'look' team deal; there's no danger factor. The purpose is we need another guy to run down there and give our guys a look. So there's no big message, you know?"

On how T Jared Gaither has progressed over the past year: "Obviously, we are hoping that he becomes an elite left tackle in this league for many years to come. But that's up to him and coach [John] Matsko and coach [Andy] Moeller, and really all of us. We're working together to try and make that happen."

On why CB Fabian Washington and CB Evan Oglesby sat out practice today: "Fabian has a little bump on his knee and some tendinitis in there, so we held him out. Evan has a concussion issue, so he was held out by the trainers."

On how the injury situation at this point compares to where they were at this time last year: "The difference between last year and this year is fewer guys came into camp with injuries. Last year, most of all the problems we had – especially the long-term problems where guys that didn't really participate in the offseason came into training camp with lingering injuries and just continued – they didn't get to work in training camp, and therefore never were strong enough to handle the wear and tear of the season. So, our philosophy is, 'The harder you work the healthier you stay,' except for the fluke injury. And we've been fortunate, blessed, not to have the fluke injury, and I think our guys are in much better shape, and they're doing a really good job of taking care of each other. We've gone live – there's nobody in the league that goes live more than we do – and yet, they take care of each other."

On if today was a good day to rotate some new offensive lineman because it was a plus-30 day: "The great think about the plus-30 day is that the young guys get that many more reps. So, you pace camp out for the older guys so they get the recovery time, but the younger guys, man, they need the work. They're getting in even extra work, and that's the great thing about that schedule."

On what it says about C Matt Birk watching practice on a plus-30 day: "The other guys are working, too. Everybody is on their own routine. Matt got in a little bit earlier, and took care of the running and lifting before practice. I think it says that he is really trying to tie that offensive line together. He wants them to be a unit. If he's out there working calls and talking in the background, he can do that. The other guys, it's not as critical. They were doing the lifting and the cardiovascular during practice."

On if WR Justin Harper is making enough plays to get bumped up from the practice squad: "It's too early to tell. He needs to make those catches. I saw one down there, a fade, where he had a chance to go up and make the play. He needs to go make that play – just like they all do. It's going to be the guys that… All the little technique things that Jim Hostler works on so hard and catching the ball, to be a pure receiver, that's the criteria. Can you catch the ball, especially in a critical situation?"

On why he thinks so many teams in the NFL only have a two-headed running attack, when the Ravens have the luxury of three guys: "I have no idea. Probably because we have three good running backs, and they have two that they like. I'm being a little bit of a wise acre, but the point is that we've got three guys we like, and that gives Cam [Cameron] some options. Cam, probably better than most people, uses his options in real creative ways."

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