Training Camp Transcript - Practice 8/16


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement:"Good practice, hot practice. This was our third day in a row in pads. I thought the guys did a good job of fighting through it. [We] stacked three good practices – not perfect – [but] they had their ups and downs. I thought the defense had the better of it today. But, very competitive and tough; it's hot and humid and the guys are working real hard."

On whether he sees the vertical threat growing on the field: "I hope so, that's kind of the idea with these guys, and obviously I think they're getting the feel for each other. We missed a couple, too, that were there as far as some of the quick fades against press coverage. It's so hard in this league just to march the ball all the way down the field time and time again, and it sure looks like there [are] going to be a lot of long drives with kickoffs being the way they are. So, you've got to have that big play ability; that quick strike ability. Hopefully we can develop that."

On CB Lardarius Webb and CB Chris Carr not practicing: "Yeah, Webby [Lardarius Webb], we just gave him a day off with his knee. He's been pushing it all the way through, so we wanted to give the knee a little break. And Chris Carr tweaked his hamstring a little bit, I think it was yesterday or the day before, so we held him out."

On whether giving certain players the day off today was arbitrary: "No, it's not arbitrary, but there's not a formula to it as much [either]. Some of the guys are a little bit older, who probably don't need as much practice; you look at who they were. [We] just give them a day off and let the other guys get more of the reps and those guys get a little bit of rest."* *

On the expectations for T Jah Reid this week:"I think – Terrell [Suggs] was talking about it today, and Jarret [Johnson], we were talking about [Jah] this morning – he's very strong. He's just a gifted, gifted guy. Big, strong, he's a bender, he's got very long arms; he's got a little bit of a nasty streak. I think, obviously, he's more ahead in the run game than he is in the pass protection at this point – which you would expect – but he's getting it. Just fundamentals, attention to details, assignment, [he] plays with a little bit of poise. Hopefully the game will slow down for him a little bit."

On whether rookies, like T Jah Reid, were hurt the most in the lockout:"I think the lockout hurt two categories of guys more; it's the first year players, obviously, the rookies – like you're talking about – who didn't get the OTA's. Those practices are really, really valuable for those guys. And then the second group is the second year guys; the guys who had a chance, like [WR/RS] David Reed, and all those guys who were in that class last year, that would have been here through the whole offseason lifting weights, working with their coaches and then going through those OTA's. That really set those guys back from where they would have been."

On the progression of QB Tyrod Taylor throughout training camp:"I think Tyrod [Taylor]… We've said a lot of great things about him, and I think they're all merited. He's a talented guy, he picks up the offense very quickly and he's a very accurate passer. That goes on top of all the other obvious abilities that he brings to the table. So, you know, he's amazing. We have so much fun out here, because there are times when he thinks he can get out of anything. And I call it a sack and he looks at me like, 'That's not a sack.' And I'm like, 'Well, there were a few sacks on Thursday night that were sacks.' (laughter) But then he got out of some too. So, maybe I'm right half the time and he's right half the time." (laughter)

On CB Jimmy Smith's progression: "Jimmy [Smith] has done really well. We really were pretty patient with the groin and he did a great job of rehabbing it with the [doctors]. And I think he was learning the whole time, but as he said, there's nothing like doing it. He's had a chance to get out there and apply some of the things he's learned about our defense to playing, and he's done really well. He's very smart [and] he works really hard. He's learning to be a technician, and the sky is the limit."

On whether it is a compliment to his team when former players have gone to other teams and become starters, specifically in Kansas City this offseason:"Yeah, I think it is a compliment to those guys and to the organization. But those guys are all good players. They've all proven themselves, and they've been contributors here, and it'll be fun going up against those guys. Three guys that we just had here, and thought we had a chance – maybe to keep here as recently as two weeks [ago] – [and now] you're playing against them. So, that'll be kind of an odd thing."

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