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Transcript- Training Camp August 10th


Head Coach John Harbaugh

On his emphasis for this week: "The main point of emphasis was the fact that so much improvement is made between the first week and the second week of training camp, between the first game and second game. That's our emphasis for this week. So obviously, today is the second day of this week. This is our opportunity to really make our team a lot better. Our guys responded to that and had a really good practice."

On rookie T Oniel Cousins: "I think he did a good job [against New England]. One thing about Oniel Cousins, he'll compete. He's got a lot to learn, a lot of technique things – posture, assignment, target, footwork, all those things – but he competes. When a guy competes like that who's got a lot of athletic ability, he's got a chance to be good."

On whether he would talk to Cousins about not getting into practice skirmishes: "We talk to him all the time. The thing I like, we had a little skirmish out there, and the offense got right back on the line and ran a play. That's the priority. The priority is the football part of it. It's not like you're going to say to guys, 'Don't fight.' They understand that there's not really a lot of value in it. Tempers are going to flare. Guys are competing. Our guys got right back on the line, and practice didn't suffer for it. Guys went back to work."

On LB Brendon Ayanbadejo: "The thing about him, I don't know if people have r
ecognized it throughout his career, but he's really a good football player. That showed up on defense in the game, which is really neat to see because our players are able to see what kind of a football player the guy is on special teams and on defense. I think now, they've kind of welcomed him as a Raven."

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