Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes Week 14

Head Coach John Harbaugh

* *

(opening statement) "OK, good seeing you guys. Obviously, a very, very tough outcome, and [we are] not happy about it, disappointed. Worst we've played all year, by far. [They are] a very good football team. They executed. Bottom line was the big plays, especially in the passing game – touchdown passes – that was the key. Turnovers didn't help us, [they] set up 14 points. That's really the story of the game."

(on his impressions of the play of G/T Kelechi Osemele at left tackle) "I don't really have an impression yet. It felt OK. I didn't see anything that was obviously not good. But, the idea is for our best five guys to be out there, that gives us a chance to do that. I think he can be a left tackle; he has played left tackle in college for four or five years. We'll see how it looks."

(on whether there were technique or assignment issues on defense) "It was all of that. We had assignment issues, we had technique issues. We didn't match up correctly on a bunch route. We had two guys playing it one way and one guy playing it the other way. It was bad. It has to be better than that. It's no individual guy's fault, it's just not as good as it needs to be. I'll take responsibility for that. We have to play way, way better pass defense. We have to play better in pass defense. And those guys are good players and all that, but you have to cover guys closer, you have to be on the right guy, all those kind of things. We'll go to work on it, and we'll find a way to do it better. It's not complicated stuff. We'll keep working on it."

(on whether he's surprised about these defensive issues this late in the season) "I don't know if surprised is the right word. We shouldn't have them, for sure. You feel like the last four weeks that we cleaned a lot of that stuff up – four to six weeks – that we were covering tighter, and we did a better job. The fact that it showed up in this game was very disappointing."

(on QB Jimmy Clausen's first start as a Raven) "It seemed like he did pretty well. He operated. He has been here for two weeks. I thought he did a nice job of getting us in and out of plays. We did a lot at the line with him – [that] was the gameplan. He handled it well. Just taking snaps and operating is a challenge, but here's a guy that has played before, so it's not like that's new for him. I thought he made some good throws. [There were] probably some throws that he would want back. But, going in there, in that situation, and to be under fire like that, against the defense that we were playing, it speaks very well for him. I'm excited for him. We just have to find a way to play better as a football team. All of us have to find a way to play better against a good football team like that."

(on what he tells his players after a loss of this nature) "I talked to them about what we needed to talk about. I feel like they understand where we're coming from. We've walked through this together. It has been a really, really tough season, right from the get go. There hasn't been any break, really, from it. We haven't been good enough to overcome misfortune, or the mistakes that we've made. There's no magical thing that you say. We're a bunch of grown men in there; we know what to talk about. We just have to find a way to get better. We have to improve. It goes now. It goes on into next year. It's where we're at right now."

(on preparing players that don't know each other well to play together) "I think everybody is doing that. Obviously, we're spending a lot of time to bring guys in, and it has been 24/7 teaching them, getting them up to speed. That's what coaches do. Coaches aren't going to back down from that. We like what we do and we're just trying to give guys a chance to be successful and go out there and play, and they've responded. We have smart guys, and they're working really hard, and they're fighting like crazy. It didn't show up today. I feel like we did some good things, but if you give up big plays, you turn the ball over against a team like that, you just have no chance. This was going to be a field-position game in a lot of ways. It was going to be a game where we felt like [if] we got a couple of breaks and we played error-free football, we have a chance to win the game. We liked our gameplan. I thought a lot of it was executed out there in the pass game, not as much in the run game, obviously. We would've had a chance to win, but when you give them big plays, especially in the passing game like that, you're going to have problems. That's what happens against a team like that."

(on whether they will evaluate the quarterback situation going forward) "I don't know. I don't know right now. We'll see. We'll evaluate it going forward, I guess is the answer, sure."

(on whether the run game was affected by crowding the line of scrimmage) "Obviously, we didn't have too much success with it. I think we ran the ball 11 times in the first half. We wanted to stay patient with the run game – that was the plan. And, we weren't able to stick with it. We came out, and we had the ball – I don't know ... In the plays that we had in the third quarter, by that time, it was kind of away from us. I think we ran three times in the second half. It couldn't be that kind of game. It couldn't be a game that got away from us. If it was going to be a game that got away from us, it was going to be a game where we were going to struggle. We knew that. I'm sure that's the game they wanted to play. They were patient, and they had big plays. We wanted to be patient, but we weren't able to get big plays, and we gave up big plays. In the end, that's the difference. That's the story right now. You have to defend big plays to win a football game. And, you have to find a way to make plays on both sides of the ball. We didn't do that today."

QB Jimmy Clausen

* *

(on when he found out he might start) "I didn't really know exactly until probably Monday or Tuesday. [Quarterback] Matt [Schaub] was really banged up after the last game against Miami, and I just started getting ready like I have since I got here."

(on how tough it was, especially against the Seattle pass rush) "That's a great defense we just played. But the offensive line did a great job. I don't think, I don't have the stats, but I don't think we had a sack today. Great job by the offensive line, the backs on protection, like coach [John Harbaugh] said, we moved the ball but once we got down in the red zone, we couldn't score. We just didn't make enough big plays to win the game."

(on if it helped him having played against them before this year) "It helped me a little bit but to be honest, it was two totally different game plans. We threw the ball quite a bit today, the previous time we really didn't throw it at all. Two totally different game plans. Going up against [that] defense, it's like a conference game, seeing the same team twice, it helps you."

(on how he sees this opportunity) "It's a great opportunity. I wish I could have had some throws back today and [I'll watch] tape and just get better. Like coach said, you know, just each and every day, just work a little bit harder and get better. Some throws that were off target, the interception – that was my fault. I've got to put the ball on [wide receiver] Chris [Matthews] and just get better. [I'll] go out tomorrow, watch the tape, get a lift in and get ready for Kansas City."

(on how he evaluates the performance) "I'm going to have to watch the tape. There are some good throws there, and some bad throws. Obviously, the interception, I wish I could have back. The fourth down, I wish I could have had that one back. But I'm sure there's going to be throws, other ones, that I wish I could have had back. That's the nature of playing the game of football. It's really hard to be perfect every single throw, and you know, that's [something] you've just got to keep working on."

(on the play of Seattle QB Russell Wilson) "He was great. He was great. He's been playing great the past four or five weeks. He's had five touchdowns the past three games or four games, whatever it is, but that was a great team victory by them today, and Russell had a great game today."

(on getting used to everything in Baltimore, like his new WR teammates) "That's what guys do in OTAs, in mini-camp and in training camp and on into the season. But just to work with those guys this week helped me a lot. There are still things I need to figure out, but that's just working together and getting our timing down. That takes time."

(on if he can make the case to start the final three games) "Every single time you step foot on the field, you're getting evaluated. That's my mind-set going in every single week because being a back-up or whatever it is, you're always getting evaluated by the head coach, the GM, the scouts, other scouts. That's just the way this league is and the business part of this is. So getting the opportunity to go out today and play was great. But like I say, you're getting evaluated each and every day, whether it's a game or practice."

(on summing up his emotions) "My emotions were just to go out and play my game. When things were there, fire the ball and complete it and move down the field. Take one play at a time, one series at a time and one quarter at a time, and that's the only way you can play. Just go out there and do your job, make the correct checks, get the guys in the right play and make throws."

CB Jimmy Smith

* *

(on giving up five touchdown passes) "We gave up five touchdown passes. It's huge. It's all on us. It's all on the secondary. When the game is up, we didn't play well today."

(on being out of the playoffs) "I wouldn't say that any of these last games don't matter. I don't think we can make the playoffs, obviously, but everybody is being evaluated--everybody, every single coach, every single player. So, these last three games are important for every single person in this organization."

(on having to face playoff teams) "We already know how tough it is. I'm not going to stand here and make excuses. We know what the situation is. We know what we came from. We know what we don't have. Playing in games against teams that are fighting to make the playoffs is going to be even tougher on us. Obviously, you saw that today."

(on why it was a blow out) "We gave up five touchdown passes. With a team like that, you have to put up some points. I'm not even talking about offensively. I'm talking about defensively. You have to find ways to put points on the board, because you're not going to skunk these kinds of teams. They're going to put some points up, and it's our job to score and come back from that."

(on Kansas City next week) "We have all the confidence in the world in our group. That's never faltered. We definitely believe we're going to go out against Kansas City. The one thing you always know is we are going to fight to the last whistle. I believe we did it today. We just got outplayed."

(on staying motivated) "This is a sport, and we love it. But, at the same time, it's our job. As soon as you see someone not doing what they are supposed to, it's seen by everybody in the organization. And that reflects on your character. Your teammates see that as well, and that's just not a good thing."

(on Russell Wilson) "What you really see from him on film is his ability to make plays. He extends and makes plays, but I didn't know until this game that he has a great arm. He can really sling the ball. He makes plays. He's smart. He's fast. And they've got a good team to help him and surround him. They definitely have something good over there."

* *

WR Daniel Brown

(on his catch on the first drive) "That's a play that we practiced all week. We knew that we were going to run it early based on what we had seen on the previous games on tape. We kind of knew it was coming, and we knew one of us was going to get it. My route ended up coming up, and I knew I had to go make a play."

(on Jimmy Clausen) "Jimmy stepped in, and he did great. He threw great balls. I think Jimmy came in and did a great job."

(on his shot to play) "I'm just blessed to have this opportunity. Continuing to go forward, I think I have to make the most of my opportunities. The more I play, the more the coaches expect of me. I just have to keep improving."

(on the Seahawks' defense) "They're a really good secondary. Give credit to them, but I think we have a really good receiving corps too. I think it was a good fight."

* *

RB Javorius Allen

(on take away from the game) "It's just a matter of keeping on fighting. You have to always get ready for the next play and the next challenge. And I thought we did that today, but the result is obviously not what we wanted."

(on offensive line changes) "We have a great group of guys out there, but you have to give credit to the Seattle defense, a very athletic team and a very experienced team. I have to do a better job of making plays, holding onto the ball and responding to the situation."

(on his fumble) "I just never really got full control of the ball, and I couldn't get the handle, and I fumbled. [There's] really not much more to say about it. [I've] gotta keep those to a minimum."

(on the long season) "We're 13 weeks in, and no one's satisfied with the record we have. Just gotta put this one behind us and get ready for the Chiefs."

* *

LB C.J. Mosley

* *

(on his team's defensive performance) "I thought we had a pretty good gameplan. We felt comfortable about it, but they just out-executed us. They made plays, big and small, and we have to do a better job of keeping up."

(on team's 4-9 record) "I mean our record is what it is. We earned that record. Our record may say about the games we've won or lost, but it doesn't say about who we are as men. We carry ourselves with pride. We always keep our head up, no matter what the times are. When the good times are good, and when the bad times are bad, we're always together. There are three games left, and for sure, we're going to give 110 percent."

(on the team's attitude for next week) "We're going to head into this game like it's a playoff game. That's the only way we know how to do it. That's the way we practice, that's the way we play."

(on how he deals with the losing) "You know, it's hard. Most of these guys, including myself, haven't been through this, in life and as football players. So for some reason, it seems to be catching up to us this year. We have to hang together as a team. You never know what's going to happen, but you have to be prepared. Next week is Kansas City, and we're going to give it our best."

(on season take away) "It's a test of our pride, and it's a test for us as men. We have to care for one another, and we have to always do for each other. These aren't the results that we want, and it's not our time for this season, but that doesn't mean we don't have [anything] to play for. We do, and we will."

WR Jeremy Butler

(on how he would assess the offensive performance) "We've just got to clean a couple things up, but I can see the effort there. We've just got to keep taking care of business, keep playing hard and everything will work itself out through the scheme."

(on how the communication was in the huddle with QB Jimmy Clausen) "It was great, actually. We practiced it all week, so it wasn't anything new for us. We were comfortable with everything, signaling out to each other and communicated well."

(on if Seattle did anything to surprise them today) "It was about what we expected, we've just got to execute a little better, play a little harder and everything will take care of itself from there."

DT Timmy Jernigan

(on the mood on the sideline as the game got more out of reach) "The biggest thing for us, especially on defense like I said, we're not going to just let anybody run up and down the field. If you do it, you're going to have to take it from us. And if you get those extra yards, you're going to have to earn them, point blank. We're not going to give up and let anybody just do anything to us. At the end of the day, we're still the Baltimore Ravens. We're going to fight hard and we're going to fight until the end, until we can't anymore."

(on how he's feeling after the injury) "I'm fine, man. It was just a little chip block, [and] I kind of got the breath knocked out of me. I didn't see the guy coming, [but] I'm fine. I'm alright."

S Kendrick Lewis

* *

(on QB Russell Wilson) "That's exactly what the gameplan was. It must have been that they told him 'Don't give them [anything].' He executed the gameplan really well. Those guys came out to play, and we fell a little bit short today."

(on a non-one-possession game) "It doesn't hurt the pride, but those guys came out and played. You've got to give it to them. We've got to get better. We've got to learn from our mistakes, learn from when we went wrong, correct them, and get back to the drawing board, because we've got three more games. We've got one more game next week before we get to those two. Those guys executed their gameplan well, and they were able to make plays."

(on WR Doug Baldwin) "We already knew that he was a big-time receiver. He was coming on hot these last couple of games. He and Russell Wilson have been going, hand-in-hand. They've been hot together, and we knew we had to pay extra attention to him. He was able to get open and make some plays on us."

(on additional pressure defensively due to injuries on offense) "I wouldn't say it weighed on me; we were just aware. We were aware. Our mindset was to go out and stop their offense and outplay their defense. We fell short. We get back to the drawing board and correct it. That's our concern right now."

(on the cause of big plays) "I can't pinpoint it. I've got to watch the film and see. There are some corrections that need to be made, obviously, on the big plays, but that's what we've got practice and film for. We'll get back to the drawing board and correct those things before it happens to us again."

* *

G/T Kelechi Osemele

* *

(on playing left tackle) "Obviously, at first, I wasn't quite sure I'd be able to get the technique down in time, but I just honestly wanted to help the team any way I could. [GM and executive vice president] Ozzie [Newsome] approached me, and [John] Harbaugh approached me, and they felt that this was the best way to go. So, when I got the news, I just jumped into my playbook, took some sets, started working out, and tried to get my body ready to play a more athletic position and just took it from there."

(on his performance) "I haven't watched the film, so I can't say. It felt pretty good out there. I felt comfortable. The more sets I took out there, the more it started coming back. So, it felt good."

(on his reaction to the news he was starting left tackle) "It threw me off a little bit. I wouldn't say I was shocked. It's the NFL. It's not the first time I've been moved around."

(on if this could possibly be his future position) "I sure hope so. I would definitely love to be the guy for the Ravens in to the future, as long as I can keep performing at a high level."

(on if he likes playing left tackle) "I like it."

* *

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