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SociaLight: Tyler Badie Made This Lacrosse Star a Ravens Fan

RB Tyler Badie playing lacrosse in high school.

When Tyler Badie's family relocated to the Baltimore area after Hurricane Katrina, Badie embraced the local lacrosse culture. When he wasn't playing youth football alongside Ray Lewis’ daughter, he was on the lacrosse field, even drawing interest from local college powerhouses Maryland and Loyola.

He even brought the receipts!

Badie said he modeled his game after Myles Jones. Jones is a professional lacrosse player who was a three-time All-American at Duke and a legend in the lacrosse world. Jones took note, saying, "Game recognizes game!"

Jones also shared the video of Badie on his Instagram Story with the message "Officially a Ravens fan! Truzz."

Lacrosse may not have been Badie's destiny, but his football journey is out of a story book.

Maybe Badie and Lamar Jackson can get some pickup lacrosse games going.

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