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What Seahawks Said After Their Win


Head Coach Pete Carroll

(opening statement on the win) – "I really liked that we came out this weekend and followed up and kind of picked up where we left off last week. We played really good ball on both sides of the football. Back-to-back trips could be a challenge, but our guys didn't waiver at all on that. We saw it across the board and I'm really fired up that we handled that. Being on the road, it's going to be real important obviously and we want to make sure that we give ourselves every chance to be at our best and I thought we did that today. That's a really good football team that we played against in our estimation. As we watched them, they're tough, they're physical and they never let up. And our guys took it to heart and really put together a great plan and executed well today."

(on if they used last year's Super Bowl loss as a reminder or motivation) – "It took us some time to make sure to leave that behind. We don't need that to be motivated. We need to get rid of it just like when you win, you have all of the follow through that comes up, all the hoopla and when you lose it has an impact as well. It doesn't really matter which end it is, it's still a factor. So we had to work our way through it and it took us a while and that's the farthest thing from our minds right now. It has nothing to do with nothing. We're just getting ready each week and moving forward."

QB Russell Wilson

(on his reaction to the win) – "To come out here on the road in a tough environment and win feels great. In the first half, we missed some big plays. But in the second half, I felt like we were lights out. The offensive line was unbelievable. They opened holes and protected me well. That's as good as it gets. It's a lot of fun right now."

(on whether the team's on a mission after last year's Super Bowl ending) – "We don't really think about that. We don't really have time to look back. We just get ready to go next week. All we have is now and what's in front of us."

WR Doug Baldwin

(on the team's performance in the win) – "We made plays when it counted today, even after we lost [running back] Thomas [Rawls]. Our philosophy is 'Next Man Up,' and that's been successful for us."

(on this six catches for 83 yards and three touchdowns)* *"I was just blessed with opportunities and targets today, and I took advantage of them. The big thing is that [quarterback] Russell [Wilson] is playing unbelievably. Sometimes we just get into a rhythm. A lot goes into it. We can see the nuances and subtleties together, and it makes for some good connections."

CB Richard Sherman

(on a playoff run, the possibility of being on the road, and the difference between this team and other years) – "We are more veteran. We're definitely more veteran. We've been in big games. These are the same guys who have been to the Super Bowl. We understand what we can do regardless of where we are. If we had to play on the moon, we would go there and play. We don't mind traveling and getting it done."

(on the defense playing well) – "We feel good about it. Obviously, everything doesn't happen initially as you would like it. And we just keep at it. Keep on maintaining, pushing, chopping wood, and we understand that it will eventually come through for us."

DE Michael Bennett

(on the defense not giving up touchdowns) – "We're an average defense just trying to be good. Now, you want to play good when you come in to the Ravens because this is the home of defense. You know, here and the Pittsburgh Steelers have been two of the best defenses in the NFL. Growing up, loving Ray Lewis. Growing up watching [Terrell] Suggs, Haloti Ngata, and all those guys, even though they've disbanded. So, when you come here, you want to play great defense."

(on the defense's ability to stop the run) – "I think we've been playing the same way we've always been playing. We haven't given up many rushing yards this season. Teams are having a hard time getting anything going. They're trying to find different ways to get things going against us."

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