What the 49ers Said After Their Loss to Ravens


Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

(on how his team played overall)

"I was real proud of the team. They played extremely hard all three phases. We definitely played against a real good team, but I was real happy with how the guys played. We had every chance to win the game, and we came up a little bit short at the end. Credit to them. Hopefully, we'll earn an opportunity to get a chance to play them some other time."

(on why they threw the ball on fourth down late in the game)

"Just because of what the Ravens' defense does in that situation. The same reason we did it early on. They've got too many people in there that you can't block. I didn't mind the decision at all of not running, but I wish I had called a better pass play."

(on their success running the ball on the edges)

"With some of the blitzes, we got them in the right looks. Just like it always is versus their defense. Then, you've got some that you run that you lose yards. I thought we had some good ones running away from pressure."

(on their game plan for Lamar Jackson)

"He's going to make some plays. We had to change some stuff up. Anytime you've got to play 11-on-11 football, you can't just do what you've been doing. I was happy with the scheme we put in. I was happy with how the guys executed it. I thought they did a pretty good job at it."

(on the defensive line's balance versus Jackson)

"Yes, definitely. It's hard. There are 11 guys out there you have to defend on every play. You can't just go after the quarterback. Then, you're going to get 12-yard dives from Mark Ingram II. So, that's what you have to change versus a 'wildcat' offense. Since he is a true quarterback, it does make it harder to rush the passer."

CB Richard Sherman

(on holding the Ravens offense below its average yardage)

"We expect to hold people to less. We are one of the best defenses in football. That's not us saying it, that's the numbers. That's our standard, but you know, it doesn't matter unless you win the ball game, and we did not win the ball game today." 

(on what separates Jackson as a quarterback)

"He is a good decision maker. He knows angles, he knows leverage, he knows when to get down, he knows when to stay up, he knows when to cut back, he knows when to keep it, he knows when to bounce outside. He takes what the defense gives him. He doesn't waste time taking shots down field, he takes what the defense gives him. He played a good game." 

(on his sideline argument with John Harbaugh)

"He was saying I made a dirty play on Lamar. The quarterback was running like a running back. If you don't touch him, then he runs up the sideline, and if you do touch him, it's like everyone is throwing up the hubbub. Like he wasn't going to run it, you know, that's the thing the league needs to clarify as a defensive player. You don't want to hit the quarterback, you want to stay off of him, but when he is about to run, there is a fine line between him faking like he is going out and getting an extra six or seven yards, and him going out of bounds. That is where it is tough on defensive players. Every play where the quarterback slides, they are like, 'Oh my God, that should be a flag,' but he was running just a half second ago, and you are making a split-second decision like, 'Hey I've got to tackle him,' and then he slides. It is a tough position to put the defense in, but I think our guys did a great job." 

QB Jimmy Garopppolo

(on what he saw on the fourth quarter fourth-and-1 play)

"They had tight coverage, the D-lineman got his hands on it. I thought we had a chance at George, just a good play by the D-lineman." 

(on if the 49ers proved they are an elite team)

"It was a good challenge today. They are a good team, Baltimore, they definitely are. We just have room for improvement. Plenty of things we can do better. Whoever it is, wherever it's at, we are going to line it up." 

(on what he would have done differently after the strip-sack)

"Just cover the ball up, especially in these conditions like [today's]. I kind of thought I had it locked up, he pushed it out and made a good play."

TE George Kittle

(on the loss)

"I mean, losing is never fun. We play to win the game. I had a great time out there playing football though. It was awesome. We ran the ball a lot. I had a lot of good blocks with the tackles and 'Juice' [FB Kyle Juszczyk]. Our run game looked good. Unfortunately, we just didn't do enough to get it done."

(on the high caliber of football the Ravens play)

"It was great game. I think two of the best teams in the NFL went at it, and they made a couple more plays than we did. It's tough. We didn't have any timeouts there at the end. So, that's tough on us, but I thought our defense played one hell of a game. I love watching them. Fred Warner, I can't say enough about him, and 'Sherm' [Richard Sherman] and our defensive line. But we just didn't get it done."

(on if he'd like another crack at the Ravens)

"Definitely, that would be a good opportunity. Hopefully we can get that done. I'm just already excited to play New Orleans."

(on if it's frustrating to lose because of a few little details)

"I take a positive mindset about everything. So, I thought it was a great game for us. I think it showed the character of a lot of our guys – no quit, nothing like that. But you can't say enough about what the Ravens did the whole game. They were really good, controlled the ball a lot. We had a couple of penalties that I think kind of weren't very good for us with the timing. But like I said, they made more plays than us, and we just have to fix that."

(on how much enjoyment he gets from run blocking)

"You kidding? That's how I … I grade my game off the run game. I thought I played pretty well today. I had great battles with 99 [Ravens OLB Matthew Judon] all day. He's a great player. So, that was fun. That was really fun. I'm just looking forward to hopefully getting another opportunity again."

DL Nick Bosa

(on the defense's play)

"It took us a while to adjust, but we ended up playing pretty well in the second half. We just started trusting our assignments, and that's all that we really could do, do our assignments." 

(on being able to contain Jackson in the second half)

"It seemed like it. It took us a little bit to adjust, but I think we played well."

WR Deebo Samuel

(on his touchdown catch)

"I had a double move, which we had scripted for man coverage, but they fell into a zone. I just saw the ball in the air. I didn't worry about the defender and went and attacked the ball. It's our job to see the ball with our eyes and our hands. So, I just followed the ball all the way in."

S Marcell Harris

(on his forced fumble on Jackson)

"Honestly, I was just doing my job. My name got called, and I just went in to set the edge on [Mark Andrews]. I saw Lamar coming, so I tried to stay outside. When he went back inside, I was able to get my hand on the ball and rip that thing out. I kept my hands on [Andrews] and not my shoulders so I could read Lamar to see if he was going to go inside or outside. By me keeping the edge, he went inside, and I got my hand on the ball."

DL DeForest Buckner

(on how they feel they handled Jackson)

"We made some adjustments during the game, trying to contain them more. Overall, I am proud of the guys. We played our tails off, just came up short. [We] have to focus on the little details in the beginning of the game. I feel like we did a better job in the second half. On that last drive, you have to make that play and get off the field."

(on the different of Jackson on the field versus on tape)

"There is only so much film you can watch, and you really won't get a good look. You can try and simulate it in scout team, until you actually hit the field and go against him and see how it goes and you make those adjustments. And each of those guys – defense, offense and special teams – fought to the very end.

"He is a great player, great dynamic player. He can pass outside the pocket and extend plays. It is hard to defend somebody like that all the time."

LB Fred Warner

(on the Ravens hiding the ball on runs)

"They do a great job with ball handling for sure. But guys have just got to make sure that they're in the right gaps at the right time." 

(on Jackson)

"Great player. Whatever we knew before, he still did what he did. He ran the ball well. He got it done."

FB Kyle Juszczyk

(on being in the visiting team locker room)

"It's different. I've never been in here. Once the game started, all that stuff went away. Honestly, I think we are similar teams. I think we're both very tough, built to run the ball; gritty teams, that I'm sure will be playing late into the postseason."

DB Jimmie Ward

(on any changes they made in the second half)

"I feel like we got started. The defensive line and linebackers got more vertical, so that forced him [Jackson] to bounce with the quarterback keeper. And we did a better job stopping the run." 

WR Emmanuel Sanders

(on the weather)

"It sucks. Definitely one of those games that when you look at the schedule, you say, 'I hope the weather's not bad in Baltimore,' and then it ends up being bad. I'd rather play in the snow than the rain."

(on playing in Baltimore)

"The crowd really wasn't effective today, in my opinion. Maybe it's because we were so locked in as a team. We were just trying to battle it out. In the rain, so they weren't all that loud. We were trying to battle out the weather as well. But I have been here when the crowd has been crazy."

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