What the Bengals Said After Their 34-23 Win


Head Coach Marvin Lewis

Opening statement: "We obviously got off to a fast start. The main thing today is that we took care of the football and didn't have a turnover in the game. We forced the early one on defense and got another one later on. It helped us seal the game. We had some other balls go through our hands, but we're learning and growing. We've got a long way to go. It's early in the season, but we came out here tonight and played pretty solid in all three phases."

On whether beating the Ravens at the end of last season gave the Bengals momentum heading into this season: "It was positive because we were a little depleted at the end of the season. We had three games in a row where we lost. The guys showed their character, resilience and the pros that they are. We found a way to win those last two games, with leadership from Andy, A.J. (Green), Clint Boling and those guys out there, along with our defensive guys. They are prideful guys, and you have to say they went out there and played their tails off. It's helped bring us forward. We've got that group of guys who, until the last two seasons, thought the playoffs were automatic. They liked that (laughs), so they want to get back there."

QB Andy Dalton

On picking up the Ravens' blitzes and not allowing a sack: "I thought, from a communication standpoint and guys being on the same page with what they were doing, it's big versus that defense, where their front is really good and all the blitzes they throw at you. You've got to be prepared for it. On a short week, I thought we did a great job. To come out of a game like that — not one sack versus that defense — is a big thing and I thought our guys played really well up front."

On A.J. Green having just two catches after his three touchdowns: "Yeah, I think that's part of it. I think everybody's going to know where he is. We were able to, obviously, get him open on a couple (of throws) early on, and to get three touchdowns in the first half was huge."

On scoring 34 points against Baltimore's defense: "Yeah. They're a really good defense, and I think they finished at the top of the league for a long time. So to be able to do that against them, it shows we're doing some things right. I feel like we left some stuff out there too, but I feel really good about how we played tonight."

On if he was stunned by a 21-point lead: "We had a ton of momentum, and everything we were doing seemed to be working, especially how quickly it happened. That changes things. I'm glad that's how we started."

WR A.J. Green

On if he'd ever caught three passes all for touchdowns to start a game: "No, this is the first time. It was the first three-touchdown game of my career — it just happened to fall that way."

On being slowed a bit after the touchdowns: "That defense over there — and every defense — is trying to take me away. I don't want them to force anything to me. I will make plays when my number is called."

RB Joe Mixon

On coming back into the game after suffering a knee injury: "It felt weird. My knee was hurting. Other than that, it's just the mental side of it. You always want to play at 100 percent (health), but when something is bothering you it's hard mentally. I just had to check back in mentally and physically tough it out. And that's pretty much what I did."

On if he thought he had a touchdown on his fourth-quarter cutback run: "Oh yeah, definitely. I saw Andy and A.J. out there, and I was just trying to set up their block. I couldn't finish going outside, so I just had to put my foot in the ground and try to outrun (Eric) Weddle. He had a great angle and he made a good tackle."

OT Bobby Hart

On beating the Ravens' blitzes: "Yeah, definitely. That was the game plan. We knew they bring a lot of funky looks and try to confuse you with stuff. I can't say enough about our coaches and the way they prepared us on a short week for all the blitzes — Frank (Pollack) and Coach (Bill) Lazor — the way we got prepared in that short week, it says a lot about them and their dedication to their craft going forward."

OG Clint Boling

On if the Ravens stopped blitzing in the second half: "They made some adjustments. They played some different looks and tried to change some things up. What we were doing in the first half was obviously working, so they made some good adjustments."

DE Sam Hubbard

On the pressure on Joe Flacco: "Yeah, we were coming waves all night. Mike (Johnson) went down early, and we stepped up and rallied together, and whoever was fresh was going out there trying to make a play. We just kept coming and just trying to wear him down. They're a great team. Flacco was getting the ball out fast, but we just tried to affect him any way we could. We did a good job, we've just got to build on it."

CB Dre Kirkpatrick

On Green's three touchdowns: "It's crazy, man. Going out there and seeing A.J. (Green) just ignite, because I know he wants it so bad, and I know he wants to be that No. 1 guy in the league. It's just such an honor to have him as a teammate. He's a workhorse, and he's playing out of his mind right now. I'm loving the chemistry we have right now, and it's definitely a good vibe."

On if it feels like the start of a special season: "Yep — we're 2-0! (Heck) yeah, we're special. 2-0. That's all that matters to me. It's a team effort. No individual is putting themselves before the team. I'm loving it, man. I'm loving it."

S Jessie Bates

On whether the Bengals earned some respect: "Yeah. They preach about Baltimore being so physical. I think our guys brought it to them tonight. I feel really good about what this team is capable of. We are able to have a little time off now and start preparing for Carolina."

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