What the Broncos Said After Ravens' Win

Denver Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio

On the protection issues upfront among the offensive line

"Protection is a—there's a lot of people involved in that. Obviously, the offensive line, the backs, tight ends when they're asked to pass protect, and the quarterback. It's a multi-faceted operation and I'm sure we had breakdowns across the board there."

On if it was blown coverage or poor technique on the defense that led to the long touchdown by the Ravens

"Yeah, more technique than blown coverage. We were in a post safety defense and we weren't deep enough back there and they were able to catch the ball in between the numbers there. It shouldn't happen but give them credit. That's what they do, and they beat us on it."

On if he is pleased with the defense's approach to defending Lamar Jackson

"We obviously wanted to limit his opportunities to carry it and scramble. We did that but they were able to complete the long passes which negated that."

QB Drew Lock

On the Ravens' defense

"When we were watching film, we obviously saw their style—what they do is bring pressure, and that's exactly what they did. They try to confuse you a little bit, get you in some weird fronts, make you slide one way, bring it the other. That's just what they are, it's what they do, they're a good defense. They have guys that can fly around the field. They got a secondary that can walk up if they need to. Ultimately, in my heart and in most everyone's heart in there, most of the time it's us that beats ourselves and not because we got beat by someone else. Now, they played well today, but we could have played a lot better, too."

OLB Von Miller

On the loss

"It's disappointing. The Ravens were a good team and they beat us today and [Ravens QB] Lamar [Jackson] just presents so many different problems passing the ball and rushing the ball. Do you rush up the field and try to get the sack and he scrambles, or do you try to contain him and give him a little more time for the deep ball? He presented a lot of problems and they [Ravens] did a great job today and we just have to do our job to stop them. We'll see them again. A team like that you got to play twice. We got our first go with them and we'll see those guys again."

On if the defense was happy containing Lamar Jackson from running

"No, we still lost, and they still ran for 100 [yards] and threw for 300 [yards]. They had their way today. We didn't want to let him [Jackson] get to the outside or let them break any runs and they were still able to break some runs and make some big plays. Like I said, a team like that, you got to play those guys twice--and we'll see those guys again."

S Justin Simmons

On WR Marquise Brown's touchdown

"Yeah, he stemmed for the outside and that's my leverage, and it's miscommunication with [S] Kareem ([Jackson)]. I expected some post help, but that's why I'm so big on—I'm talking about it every week, communication. And there's a few communication mishaps within the secondary team like that, and a guy like Lamar who can create the scramble, plays like that will happen. So, you've got to clean up the communication."

On how disappointing it was to not come away with a victory in a much-anticipated game

"[We're] extremely disappointed. We knew how important this was, especially being able to come back home and play a team like Baltimore. [We] knew what the stakes were for it and it's just disappointing. I only speak on the defensive side of the ball. I always talk about the biggest emphasis is takeaways and being able set up our offense on a short field against a good defense. [It's about] overall communication and [knowing] how important that is. It's disappointing, like I said. The good news is on to the next one. We're focused on Pittsburgh after tomorrow, and we'll clean up the mistakes."

RB Javonte Williams

On his 33-yard run breaking through defenders

"On the run, I think [the defender] tried to go for the ball instead of trying to tackle me. He just jumped my back, and I kept going."

OT Garrett Bolles

On his emotions after learning of QB Teddy Bridgewater's concussion

"I'm really angry at myself right now. That's just unacceptable with the way I played today. I take that all upon myself, 100 percent. I'm my biggest critic. I know I have to go out there and fix my mistakes and continue to get back on track where I belong. Some days I'm going to have good days, and some days I'm going to have bad days. Today, I took a punch in the face. I just have to take my lickings, get off up the mat, get back next week, figure out what happened when I got knocked out, and get back up again. That's the type of player that I am. I'm going to get back up, fix my things and continue to move forward."

On if Bridgewater being removed from the game with a concussion shook the team

"It always does. We love Teddy dearly. He came in and won us all [over]. He has a heart of gold. I love that man dearly. I know it hurts us, but at the same time, it's going to take me, [T] Bobby [Massie], [RB] Melvin [Gordon III], [TE] Noah [Fant]. These are the types of guys that are going to come in and help pick this team up. I tried to do everything I could to get everybody just to calm down. Sometimes you just have to take your lickings and move on. We're 3-1 through the first quarter of the season. That's a phenomenal job for us here. We can't win them all, but we're going to go out there every day and try to give us the best opportunity to win."

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