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What the Browns Said After a Week 1 Rout

Left: Browns QB Baker Mayfield; Right: Browns DE Myles Garrett
Left: Browns QB Baker Mayfield; Right: Browns DE Myles Garrett

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

(Opening statement) "Very disappointed, obviously. First of all, credit goes to the Baltimore Ravens. They did a nice job. They beat us. They deserved to win. They did a great job. They outcoached us and outplayed us. We did a lot of things that losing teams do. We turned it over three times. Eight penalties, three of which were personal foul facemasks, which were killer. Did not play complementary football. Put our defense in a tough spot a bunch. That is my responsibility. That is on me. We have a game on Thursday night so we have to regroup. When we land here after leaving here, we have to let this one go, and we have to move on." 

(On the fake punt attempt in the first quarter) "Yeah, listen, that is my responsibility. That is on me. That did not work out, and you can put that right on me." 

(On Ravens QB Lamar Jackson's performance today) "He is a great player. We are going to get to play him again. It is going to be a challenge again. He is a really good player. We have to make sure we are doing our job on defense, swarming to him, tackling him and then defending the back end when he is throwing."  

(On if Jackson's accuracy was surprising in any way) "Not for me. I think he is a very talented football player. We are not surprised with the plays that he made today." 

(On the Ravens scoring on a 99-yard drive when the Browns were only down one score) "Obviously, a field position game. We have them pinned back, we get a three-and-out and we get the ball midfield. Listen, it is a three-pronged attack – offense, defense and special teams – and I do not think any of our phases won today so credit to the Baltimore Ravens."

QB Baker Mayfield

(On the loss) "It's a tough one for us. To come out the first drive and have a little bit of momentum going, Calais (Campbell) made a couple of good plays, knocked a couple of balls and they get an interception. Have to take care of the ball, I know that. We were still in that game. I thought we shot ourselves in the foot, but a great team like the Ravens is going to capitalize on all of your mistakes. We saw that in person today."

(On how the Ravens' continuity played a factor in today's result, given the Browns' new offensive and defensive systems, as well as new personnel) "You can tell they have been together for a while, but I still wouldn't say that our new system is an excuse. We know what we have to do. We had the gameplan and everybody knew their job. We just have to go out there and execute it."

(On the Ravens scoring on their last drive of the half to go up 24-6 following the Browns missing a FG) "That is something all teams talk about is that they call it double-dipping – you score right before the half, and if you defer, then you get the ball after the half and you score again. The percentages on if you score both times and you actually double-dip of winning or extremely high. That actually happened to us last year at home when we played them for the second time. They are a great team. They capitalized on our mistakes and played really well today." 

(On what gives him the confidence that the Browns can still be the team he believes they can be after today's result) "Sometimes a wakeup call is pretty good for everybody – a nice punch in the mouth, and that is how we should take it. We should not dwell on it, realize that we just got beat today, they played better than us, look at it, get better, move on and go play the Bengals. That is all we can do." 

DE Myles Garrett

(On the Ravens scoring 38 points and Ravens QB Lamar Jackson's performance) "They do what they do best. They ran the ball. They got him outside the pocket and got us moving. He made some good throws and he put it on the money. We were not where we were supposed to be."

(On if the Browns having a new coaching staff and the Ravens having continuity was evident) "They came out a lot more crisp. They were just the more prepared team. Whether that was because we have more new guys, new coaches, schemes and all that, that is irrelevant. At the end of the day, nobody is going to feel sorry for you. You just have to go out there and play ball. We did not do it at a high level. We gave the ball up way too many times."

(On the Ravens' 99-yard TD drive) "Lamar is a talented player, and he is going to move the ball around. He was able to escape, get free and make things happen where you think there is nothing. You do not think anyone is open, and he is getting the ball off. Today, he put it on the money. Today, he was throwing it very well. We just have to look at it and see how we can be better, see if we can get him a little more agitated and aggravated and get those throws a little bit higher so they can go to us instead of where they need to be."

(On his performance) "I haven't really thought about it. Just trying to do the best I can, be where I'm supposed to be and do my assignment. I did that most of the time, but I have to see where I didn't do it. We could have tried to harass him a little more in the pocket and get him a little more flustered. As you saw, he is escaping, making plays with his feet and getting it to his guys. Trying to get this guy to run and put it on the money, that is all you can ask. He is escaping, back pedaling and he is getting it to his receivers and tight ends. We just have to better in that regard, getting him down and trying to force him to make those tough throws. Today, he did."

WR Jarvis Landry

(On how hard it is to have a tough loss to start the season) "It is tough. This is a tough job. For us, we came out here, we tried our best and we gave it our all, but hats off to them. They played a really good, clean game. Usually, in this league, when you play a good, clean game, you win those games. Hats off to them. We have to find a way, again with a short week, to regroup and go after it."

LB B.J. Goodson

(On the Ravens' 99-yard TD drive) "We can't let that happen. Point blank, period. When we get a field position like that, we have to take advantage of it. We really have to go back and dot the i's and cross the t's. When we get a team pinned down like that, we definitely have to take advantage of it."

(On the Ravens tight ends having success today) "Have to get back and look at the tape, but hats off to those guys. We have to get back to the drawing board." 

(On challenges for the Browns covering Ravens TE Mark Andrews) "They get paid to play ball, too. We just have to come out and execute better. Sometimes they are going to have a good throw and a good catch, but we have to execute better and get back to it."

(On Jackson's mobility in the pocket to extend plays or scramble for gains) "He is a great player. Like I said, hats off to them and their scheme. We have to see them again so we just have to prepare and do everything that we can to get ready for that next meeting."

G Joel Bitonio

(On disappointment in the loss and if changes to the offseason and training camp impacted the team's performance) "Baltimore was the better team today. They beat us in every facet of the game. We just did not have it today. It is hard to tell because we are never going to get that offseason back so we will see how we go. Obviously, we want to take things from this game and try to improve from it. We have a short week, but we are going to learn what we can in the short amount of time, come back and work for the next three days and try to get ready for Thursday night."

(On Ravens DE Calais Campbell's impact on the game) "He is a great player. He is an All-Pro. He got his hands on a few balls. It is tough to deal with when he is 6-8 or 6-9 because even if you block him at the line of scrimmage, he has a chance to get his hands up on the play, and those are drive killers. We have to get his hands down next time, but he is a good player. They traded for him, and he has done it well for a long time. He is definitely someone you have to ID up there, and we have to find a way to chop him down a little bit."

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