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What The Chargers Are Saying About The Ravens


HC Mike McCoy

On the Ravens' homefield advantage and if he views M&T Bank Stadium as a hostile environment:"[It is] a great environment. From the very first time I went there in my Carolina days, they've got great energy, great fan support. It's a loud place, so you've got to do your best with the silent count, offensively, obviously. But it's a great environment on Sunday afternoon."

On if he is surprised by either teams' record entering Week 8:"I think both football teams, you look at the record enough, obviously, you thought your record was going to be different. But you know what? I know Coach [John Harbaugh] there and myself, we're trying to win this weekend. You can't worry about the past; you've got to move on to this week. So, that's what it's about all about."

On having reliable, franchise quarterbacks such as QBs Philip Rivers and Joe Flacco:"There's nothing like having one of the elite quarterbacks on your football team that has been successful for a long time, won a lot of football games. [They are] great leaders, do it all for their football team. They do everything for the organization you ask them to do, and they're great leaders of the organization. So, we're both very fortunate to have players like that."

QB Philip Rivers

On what needs to change this week instead of playing from behind:"Try to start fast and get out to a lead for once – see what it feels like up 7-0, up 10-0, up 10-3. It just hasn't happened. I don't know if there's a certain approach that would change that – we would certainly do it – it's just a matter of keep believing and keep plugging."

On what he makes of the Ravens being 1-6:"They very easily could be sitting there at 4-2, or whatever they are. So it's a good team. It's a team we were down to last year, watching the film, we were down late with four-five minutes left. It's a good team, and I know they have veterans over there that have won a lot of games. They're going to give us their best."

On the importance of this game:"We know we have to win this one. It starts this week. It seems like the sky is falling on the outside, but it's not. It's not. We're competitors. We're sick when we lose, but we also know we're going to put our helmets back on and play again next Sunday. And we're going to fight like crazy to win the next one. I think our attitude and mindset is as good as you'd expect."

WR Keenan Allen

On changes with their team being 2-5:"Our mindset is still on track. I don't think anyone is feeling sorry for themselves or anything like that. We still feel like we can be a good team, so we're just hoping we can start clicking this week."

On whether this is a must-win game:"It's definitely a much-needed win. I'd say that for sure."

WR Jacoby Jones

On if he misses Baltimore at all:"Yes, of course. I thought they had great fans, great people, good food. I've got friends that I keep in contact with, so [it is] a good place."

On how it will feel to return to M&T Bank Stadium:"It'll be cool. [It will] be great to see old fans, old friends. But, I'm coming there for [a win]. It's a job; it is. So, I'm coming to get a win."

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