What the Chiefs Said After Their Overtime Win


Head Coach Andy Reid

(opening statement): "All-in-all, it was a heck of a football game. I am proud of our guys for the job they did. I thought they came out and played aggressive. There were some great individual efforts down the stretch, none bigger than Justin Houston's strip of the ball and recovery of the fumble. (Travis) Kelce, Tyreek (Hill), Patrick (Mahomes) on the offensive side, I mean I could go off and name a bunch of guys. One thing that the guys did that I'm most proud of is the resiliency of the group. The highs and lows, ebb and flows of the game, no one was hanging their head. Everyone came out and remained positive and kept themselves in attack mode on both sides of the ball and special teams."

(on if it felt like the playoffs began today): "When you are a good football team, every week ends up being the playoffs. Every game, you are going to get the team's best shot. This is a good football team that John (Harbaugh) has here. A really good football team. We got their best shot right there and that's not going to be any different than next week and as the season finishes up here. We have to be ready. It doesn't matter if it's four days of rest or two days. It doesn't matter where we play or anywhere else. We have to be ready."

(on what the fourth-down play was where Mahomes connected with Hill): "Just how we designed it."

(on Mahomes' performance): "He had the one interception, other than that I thought this was his best game. For a lot of reasons. He really did a nice job. This defense was a huge, huge challenge. These son of a guns were really good and had a really good package and they unloaded it at them and he kept bringing it. I am proud of him for doing that. You can get a little defeated there if you get sacked or hit as many times as he got hit, but he stayed right in there and kept firing. I am proud of him for that."

(on the Ravens' cover-zero blitzes): "Yeah, they were dialing them up. We got them on a couple and they got us on a couple. That's how zeros go. They have been doing that. They started the game with that last week. They are not hesitating bringing it. They made a commitment about three weeks ago, or four games ago to change things up. They did with the quarterback and defensively by pressuring. We knew coming in we were going to see some zero in all areas of the field and we had to be ready for it.

QB Patrick Mahomes

(on how much he enjoys those fourth-down, game-on-the-line situations): "I don't know about fourth and nine. You always want to be in the position where you can go and win a football game or go and tie it to go win it. It was a crazy play. I thought the offensive line gave me a ton of time and I extended the play and Tyreek (Hill) came back to the ball and made a great play. We end up finishing the drive and getting the touchdown and getting into overtime and getting the win."

(on what was supposed to happen on the fourth-and-9 play): "It was supposed to be a pass to the left so Tyreek was kind of clearing out. When I scrambled to the right, I knew I didn't have a lot of guys back there. Luckily, he just kind of worked back to me and I saw him. When it's fourth down, you've got to give it a chance so I just put it out there. He came back to the ball in front of, I think Weddle, and then made a great catch. It might've been (C.J.) Mosley actually. For those plays, you've got to have guys who are on the same page and you've got to have an offensive line blocking their tail off."

(on the Ravens' cover-zero look on fourth-and-4 before a false start): "Yeah, I knew it was cover zero. I was trying to get them with the cadence and I actually got us. We had a good play on that, I really liked in that situation where I was going to get the ball to (Travis) Kelce and I was positive that he was going to win that matchup. On fourth and nine, they played more coverage and the offensive line blocked well and gave me enough time to extend the play and complete the ball."

(on what he learned about his team today): "These are the best wins. When you have to battle and you trade blows with somebody, that's a great football team, a physical football team and has a lot of talent. So when you trade blows with a team like that and come out with a win in the end, those are the wins that you remember. Those are the wins that satisfy you the most."

(on whether he felt this was his best game): "Yeah, I mean this defense is really good. They're the real deal. They did a lot of things like cover zero or if it was exotic blitzes. They really mixed it up. It was like it was a different coverage every single play. When you're a young quarterback, I haven't seen some of those things they were doing. I just tried to go out there and make some plays whenever I could. We knew that you weren't going to score every single drive. I know that's the expectation every time we go out there, but you can't get frustrated in order to stay in within the game plan and luckily we came out with the win in the end."

(on the Ravens' exotic blitzes): "I think it was a mixture of both. They didn't want me to be comfortable. They didn't want me to know what was coming every single play. I felt like sometimes they rushed to get to me and get the sack and other times they tried to just close in the pocket and keep me within the pocket. They had a good game plan that they were going to try and mix it up. It's easier said than done on defense because you've got to have the veteran guys and the talent to execute every single call."

(on if he knew his fourth-and-9 pass was going to make it to Hill): "I knew it had a chance. I knew that Tyreek was going to have to do what he did. I knew it didn't sail over the linebacker, it was that one that he had to come back and get. I always say that he'd be the best center fielder of all-time from the way he tracks the ball. He knew and he stepped in front of the guy and made a great catch and then made a great run after the catch."

WR Tyreek Hill

(on the fourth-and-9 throw): "Just making plays for the team. I feel like (Patrick Mahomes), he doesn't only trust me, but he trusts everybody he is throwing the ball to. This time I was on the receiving end to make a play from him."

(on if he could see what Mahomes was doing on that play): "Yes, I was looking. I was looking the whole time. He kind of went this way, then turned around, and he had seen me screeching down the middle. He just lobbed it up for me and I was able to make a play."

(on what happened on the third-and-19 play): "Like I said, I was just making a play for the team. Whatever the case may be, I am making a play."

OLB Justin Houston

(on the defense stepping up at a clutch time): "We just needed a stop. I think our defense did a good job. But we put ourselves in a bad situation. We have to limit those mistakes. That was a great offense we played. They had a great scheme. Everybody had a job to do on defense and it showed when everybody wasn't doing their job. If one person was off, they capitalized on our mistakes. And Baltimore has a great defense as well. That was definitely a playoff game to me. I'm glad that we get to see what we need to work on and correct our mistakes fast because we play Thursday night."

(on his strip-sack): "I had a sense that the tackle was going to let me go by. He got in his stance and, from studying film, once he kicked, he always kicked wide. Once he kicked wide, he wouldn't have a chance to recover and he would have to take the inside. I got my stance down and I came free."

TE Travis Kelce

(on whether the game was as physical as it looked): "Without a doubt. That's a physical team. Baltimore year-in and year-out they're going to bring it. I think our O-Line and D-Line matched the intensity all four quarters and plus into overtime. It was a fun win."

OLB Dee Ford

(on the Ravens' rushing attack and Jackson): "That offense is going to be a problem. He's [Jackson] a great athlete, but he knows how to execute the offense. You really have to be on one page as a defense and if you aren't they will gas you."

DL Chris Jones

(on Jackson): "Well, we wanted to stop the run first and foremost. We knew they were a dynamic run team. With Lamar Jackson, they installed him in the running game they have. It was very dynamic. We wanted to force him to throw it because we know our strong point on this defense is the pass rush, so force him to throw it and affect him any type of way. We got to him."

K Harrison Butker

(on what was going through his head on the overtime kick): "Just make the kick. I really don't think about too much stuff in the past. Went up there, it was just another kick and it went through. That is the goal and that was what I was trying to do, make it through the uprights. That's what I do every time. And try to split up the kicks so I am not thinking about what has happened in the past. Every kick is a new kick."

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