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What the Titans Said After Overtime Win in Baltimore

Left: Titans RB Derrick Henry; Right: Titans WR A.J. Brown
Left: Titans RB Derrick Henry; Right: Titans WR A.J. Brown

(on if this win can shift momentum for the rest of the season)

"We talked about it all week, [the AFC] is packed in there, and we are going to have to start doing things that will break us away from the pack. Today was a great step, it was a great team win. I am proud to be these guys' coach, and thankful as we approach Thanksgiving. Thankful to be their football coach."

(on his view of the game-winning touchdown run)

"You could just kind of tell, as that game went into the fourth quarter, I think we were wearing on them offensively. It was tough sledding there early. Give them a lot of credit; that is a really good football team, great players, well coached. You could just tell, going down there in the fourth quarter, the way we scored, and getting the ball in overtime after we forced the three and out – a lot of credit to our guys. You could just tell [the Ravens] body language on the sideline and also on the field, I felt like we were going to be able to break through. I didn't know it was going to look like that. Bottled up on the front side and everybody stayed on their guy and finished, and [Derrick Henry] was able to cut back."

(on the emotion of the game)

"It is a violent game. It is a physical game. It is an emotional game. I hope we play with emotion and I hope we do things that help our team, and not do things that hurt our team."

(on A.J. Brown's fourth quarter touchdown)

"You know, just the play strength that he has. Just the ability to catch the ball, and he is tough to tackle. I know there is a lot that he wants to work on and continue to improve, and he puts a lot of expectations on himself, but I thought that him and Corey [Davis] played physical against some really good corners. That is an excellent defense. I thought the effort from everybody was outstanding. Certainly, of AJ [Brown] on that play. He was down, it went from, 'Are we going to kick a field goal?' To, 'OK, maybe we are close enough to go for it.' To, 'What's going to be our goal line play to going for two?' That was a lot of emotions going through my mind as he was running."

(on his postgame interaction with John Harbaugh)

"I went to celebrate with Derrick and congratulate him, and then I ran back and shook [John Harbaugh's] hand. I asked what the issue was before the game and he said there wasn't an issue. So, I wanted to celebrate with my football team." (Reporter: "Did he decline to shake hands?") "No. Absolutely not. No. I have a lot of respect for John [Harbaugh] and we shook hands. But again, I wanted to sprint down there to be excited with the team, and then I sprinted back to midfield."

RB Derrick Henry

(on the Ravens defense)
"They're a tough defense. They're physical. Got a lot of guys that fly around to the ball and got a lot of guys that play this game at a high level with a lot of experience. But as we get our momentum and guys get some blocks, us getting downhill and continuing to move the ball downfield, that wears on any defense."

(on DeShon Elliott's big hit)
"He caught me under the chin. It stung for a little but I had to shake it off and get back in there. That's football."

QB Ryan Tannehill

(on A.J. Brown's touchdown)

"It was huge. He made some really big plays for us. You mentioned the touchdown there in the third-and-long situation. If we can get it to his hands quick and gets the first down, great, if not, we're in a four-down situation there. He was able to break out of three or four tackles and really just will his way into the end zone. It was a pretty amazing play to watch happen."

(on the emotions after Henry's overtime touchdown run)

"We did move the ball offensively. I had a ton of confidence that as soon as we got the ball, we were going to find a way to march it down and get in the end zone. They were throwing the kitchen sink at us and bringing pressure almost every play. I was telling the guys in the huddle, 'They're bringing all this pressure. If we get Derrick on and make them miss one guy, we'll be able to take it to the house,' and that's exactly what he did."

(on rebounding after an early start)

"We just kept plugging away. We missed some opportunities early in the game and just kept with it; kept pounding away. With the run game, [we] kept taking shots through the air and things started to finally go our way during the end of the game. Sometimes that is the way it goes – you just have to stay with it. Stay with the plan, keep swinging, taking shots and believe in each other that eventually things will start heading your way."

(on his reaction to DeShon Elliott's big hit on Henry)

"Derrick is extremely tough. He is a competitor. He runs hard. He takes a pounding each and every game and continues to keep fighting through it. I saw him go up in the air on that play, and time slowed down. I was thinking, 'No,' as I saw him coming down. Tough situation to be in there like that with a guy coming at you. He might be a little sore, but he is a fighter. [He] came back in and obviously made some huge plays for us at the end."

WR A.J. Brown

(on his late touchdown)

"I had a slant route. I was just trying to make a play. The first time [the defender] came at me was he was like slinging his body around, and I just kind of went with his momentum. I knew that was going to happen at the end, but I looked up, [and I scored]."

(on the team's resiliency)

"We just started making plays. That's what it comes down to in this league. In the second half, we started pushing some drives together; defense helping us out, defense giving us momentum. We just started going up and just started rolling. In overtime, we knew it just took one play...and [we] got it done."

(on how they keep playing like this)

"To be honest, just playing our style of football. This is the NFL. You're not just going to go out there and just roll over everybody. You've just got to show up every day. We're just going to try and get a win each week. Like I said, it's the NFL, teams are going to dial up different stuff. If they don't come ready to play, you've got to come ready to play every week."

(on his touchdown catch)

"My mindset was to get the first down. I was going to try to run through the catch. As soon as I caught the ball, [a defender] came down and hit me. But I knew I had to get a first down. We needed a touchdown, not a field goal. I was just trying to get the first down, and I was trying to do whatever it took to get the first down, and I looked up and [realized], 'Oh, I'm about to score.' My teammates did a good job of pushing me in the back to keep me going and keep my momentum going forward."

(on Henry's game-winning run)

"I had just came out. I had just came out. I had told Derrick going into overtime we needed a 99-yard [run], but he's definitely capable of it. I told him go and get the game over with. We knew it was coming. We knew it was coming. He just needed an opportunity. Like I told him, 'Go with the game right now, already.' I told him actually, 'You're taking too long.'"

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