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What Washington Said After Ravens' Win

Left: Washington QB Dwayne Haskins; Right: Washington HC Ron Rivera
Left: Washington QB Dwayne Haskins; Right: Washington HC Ron Rivera

Head Coach Ron Rivera

(on how he felt physically during the game)

"It's interesting because I had my moments where I felt pretty strong and felt good enough to walk up and down the sidelines. There were other times where I waned a little bit, so I had to take a quick break and get some Gatorade in me. I was able to get back up and keep going."

(on Washington honoring him)

"It's a struggle. It's a battle. I don't just represent me, I represent all those folks, all those people that are sick and all those people that fight and all those people that have fought. I just feel honored. It was really cool to come out early and see the tribute. It was very poignant at one point because my brother that had passed away, they had his picture in the collage. That was really cool. It really was. It meant a lot to me. It was very poignant. Thank you. Thank you, guys."

(on Dwayne Haskins Jr.'s performance)

"I thought Dwayne had his moments. There are still some things that, again, we're still working through and we're still developing and learning. There are some things that, obviously, I know he's going to wish he had back once we get a chance to really break the tape down and look at it. He made some plays and he missed some plays. We'll talk about situational awareness. We'll talk about certain things that he's got to continue to grow on and that he has to do. This is all a growing and learning process for him."

(on if it was a test going for it on fourth down late in the game)

"Yes, yes it was. To be blunt about it—yes. It was fourth down, the ball's got to go into the end zone or it's got to be put into a situation where it can get into the end zone. Again, it's just something that he's got to learn if he's going to be a starter in this league and contribute to winning football games. He has to understand and develop. This is part of it. This is part of the growth. We didn't have opportunities this offseason to work through situations and scenarios. It's just kind of learn as you grow."

(on going for a field goal right before the end of the half)

"We wanted to run a play, but I just knew at that point there was no way if that ball was completed, we'd get a timeout in time. That was my judgement, so I called the timeout. They were trying to run the play, but I felt differently so I called the timeout."

QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.

(on not taking many deep shots)

"No, they were playing soft zone, there wasn't too much man coverage. They gave us some spots here and there, but I mean, you can throw it up if you want to, if it's there, but I didn't see anything that was really worth taking the opportunity on that wasn't in our favor. Like on the play to [WR] Terry [McLaurin] on that fade box and going into the end zone, something that we were looking forward to that man matchup. I'm really just trying to find ways to get some players in space and make some [stuff] happen."

(on Baltimore's defense)

"They do a great job of disguising stuff. I feel like on the first drive they got us on a certain look with the brand-new back route with running back and running out regardless, but we had a miscommunication with the offensive line and myself. I gotta do better with that. But outside of that, that's probably the only play where we had a miscommunication up front. Really, it's just trying to do a good job of showing zero and then playing zone behind it. So the quick throws in the hot though that should be able to take a man coverage with the zero look isn't there. … So with zone, you have to be able to get that and drift, kind of what [Patrick] Mahomes did last week and find some second or third options that are getting open that are, quick, hot throws."

(on what it means to see Coach Rivera going through treatment and still coaching)

"It means the world to me. Health is the most important thing. I had kind of a similar situation, not the same situation, but similar at Ohio State with Coach Meyer and having a condition. It is really having ownership with your teammates and the rest of the guys in the building to pick up for whatever there is a lack of. As far as Coach taking care of himself, we all support him and have 'Rivera Strong' T-shirts today. He is our head coach and we trust in him. It is hard to watch him struggle and hard to watch him go through chemo and then come in and bring a whole bunch of energy to practice and still coach. But he loves it, and we are going to stay behind him and try to make his job as easy as possible."

CB Kendall Fuller

(on wearing 'Rivera Strong' shirts during pregame)

"It means a lot man just to see him come fighting. Not even just today but seeing him on Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's and seeing him fight. It motivates all of us to go out there and keep on fighting and never quit."

RB Antonio Gibson

(on getting loose along the sideline)

"I think it was two people to my left and I knew I had beat them to the end zone. I had no clue the guy to the right [Jimmy Smith] was coming and he kind of got a hit on me. I was definitely sad about that."

WR Isaiah Wright

(on his biggest challenges today)

"The biggest challenge was beating that man coverage, being open. We knew that pressure was going to come so that was the biggest challenge. Also, making sure Dwayne was comfortable and gave him the opportunity to make big opportunities."

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