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Will Jim Harbaugh Be Back On Ravens Sideline In New England?

The Harbaugh family had a little reunion Saturday night in Pittsburgh.

When the Ravens took the field for pre-game warmups, they had another Harbaugh standing on the field. Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh invited his brother Jim to join the team at Heinz Field, and the new University of Michigan coach took him up on that offer by watching the game from Baltimore's sideline. 

"It was great to have him there, and it seemed like he enjoyed it," John said. "He was able to kind of enjoy the environment. When you're coaching, you don't really enjoy the environment that much. I saw him looking around at the crowd, the players, interacting with guys. It was neat to see."

The Ravens are 1-0 this year with Jim on their sideline so will he make the trip up to New England this weekend?

"I don't know if he has a recruiting weekend or what this weekend," John said. "I told him, 'That's pretty good recruiting. You can tell those guys, if you want to play in the National Football League, come to Michigan.'"

The pictures and video of Jim on the sidelines quickly went viral Saturday night.

He initially took the field wearing his signature khakis and an Adidas Michigan jacket, but made the switch to Nike Ravens gear by kickoff. He had no problem sporting the purple and black, and he was in full Ravens gear by the fourth quarter.

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