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On WR Derrick Mason's "gutsy" performace against the Cowbowys...

The gutsy performance that **Derrick Mason** turned in on Saturday is nothing short of extraordinary, phenomenal, amazing and many other fancy words.

I'd like to see how many of the bigger name receivers in the NFL would have continued to play in that situation. He knew what was on the line, he stepped up to the plate, and he hit a double grand slam.

I appreciate what he did Saturday night, and he is a man in every sense of the word. Bravo Derrick Mason!!!

Chuck Reigle *Pasadena, MD*


On playing RS/WR Yamon Figurs more on special teams and the offense…


I'm just curious, why are we not using one of the fastest men in the NFL? **Yamon Figurs** has game changing speed and yet we never see him out there to return punts or kickoffs, and very seldom do we see him as a receiver. I think this guy needs to be unleashed, give him some room to play and I'm sure he will take a couple back or get us in good field position so Joe Cool doesn't have that far to go.

Charles HarshaMountain Home, AR


On playing Yamon Figurs less on special teams…

I would like to know why **Yamon Figurs** keeps returning kicks when Saturday Night in front of a National TV audience he looked and ran scared. Deion (Sanders) and Marshall (Faulk) commented on it as well. If he is going to run scared, can someone on the coaching staff please, for the team's and fan's sake, bench him? You can't play the game scared, and you sure can't do it as a kick returner. I could see it weeks ago and told my buddies, but finally everyone saw it (Saturday).

Keith Short *Randallstown, MD


On Willis McGahee's performance in Dallas…


With the great young backs that the Ravens have acquired and the mediocre performances **Willis McGahee** has given over the past few weeks, there were a lot of people questioning not only McGahee's injuries, but also his career and his heart. After seeing the way he (and **Le'Ron McClain**) broke down the Dallas rush defense at Texas Stadium this past Sunday, I have to say the silence from those same critics was deafening. With one spectacular performance, he answered every one of those questions. Great heart and tenacity! There are years of fight still left in him.

Aaron VaughtShelbyville, IN


On aggressive offensive play calling…

I must say that after the big win Saturday, congratulations on the offensive aggressiveness! I believe we really accomplished the mission by turning **Joe Flacco** loose. If we play more like this, I believe we are a team to be reckoned with in the playoffs. Congrats to **John Harbaugh****Cam Cameron** and **Rex Ryan** for a game well coached!! Maybe we are beginning the process of breaking the conservative play calling in the big games curse. Go Ravens!

Nick Marrone *Frederick, MD*


More on WR Derrick Mason…

Watching **Derrick Mason** keep getting back into the game every time it looked like his arm was going to fall off, reminded me of the scene with the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I could imagine the training staff trying to convince him not to go back into the game and his responses, "I've had worse," or "It's just a flesh wound."

If **Ed Reed** hadn't been given the spot for the Ed Block Courage Award, it would have to go to Derrick Mason after his unwillingness to let a lot of pain stop him from making the Ravens at Cowboys game unforgettable.

Bruce Coleman *Bel Air, MD


On the Ravens' victory in Dallas last Sunday...


Our Ravens did it again! What an outstanding performance by the men in purple on Saturday in front of a national (somewhat: NFL Network) audience. Once again, when every single announcer and broadcaster on the planet counted our boys out, they proved they were the better team. And that's exactly what this year's Baltimore Ravens are, a team. I believe this is most likely they reason they beat "America's Team" on Saturday night.

The Cowboys are loaded with superstars at almost every position on the field. Unfortunately for them that night, they were lined up across from a squad that has every right to be called a team. The Ravens play together in every phase of the game. The offense has a balance and spark about it that may have not been seen in Baltimore since the Colts left. And the defense is nothing short of awesome. If the Cowboys hadn't scored the touchdown that the Ravens gave to them in the first quarter, they would have been held scoreless for the first three quarters of the game. And we're talking about an offense here that was scoring 35 points a game in the beginning of the season (and still has the same players).

I think I can speak for all Ravens fans when I say this: I just want the Ravens as an organization to know how absolutely proud of them I am for the incredible amount of resiliency they have shown all season long. Every week they seem to be facing a mountain in front of them and they seem to almost always come out on the other side stronger than they were the previous week. Awesome, awesome job guys. Never been more proud to be a Ravens fan. Get it done this week.

Adam Merritt
Chincoteague, VA


On conservative offensive play calling...

For all of the talk about Cam's conservative play calling, it sure seems to be paying off. With our most recent victory against the Cowboys, we laid claim to the top rushing team in the NFL, averaging one tenth of a yard shy of 150 yards per game. It's true, our average of 4.0 yards per game isn't spectacular, but it proves that our team is dedicated to wearing down opposing defenses with a committed running attack. Furthermore, it is a sign that we are either always winning or in the thick of every game we play. The Ravens have been dedicated to hammering the rock down opposing teams' throats until they crack, and we have gotten to the verge of the playoffs as a result. Whether its Rice, McClain, or McGahee, each has stepped up when their number has been called to take the bulk of the carries. We shouldn't get away from what has taken us to this point. After all, isn't running the ball the epitome of smash mouth football? And how can we argue with the results we've gotten?

Chris ShipperSalisbury, MD


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