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Ravens 'Exploring' Potential Alternate Jersey Changes

G Ben Cleveland
G Ben Cleveland

Whenever the Ravens consider any changes to their uniforms, it creates anticipation among fans.

President Sashi Brown said there have been some exploratory discussions regarding alternate uniform changes and additions, but he did not reveal any specifics at the NFL Owners Meetings last week.

"We have some stuff that's coming," Brown said.

The Ravens haven't made frequent additions or alterations to their gameday attire since the organization started in 1996. The most recent was in 2018, when the team introduced a new pair of purple pants featuring a black and white stripe. The full evolution of the Ravens’ uniforms can be seen here.

Brown said uniform changes would only be done after careful consideration.

"We feel like we have really classic jerseys, and I think the team did a great job when we've had some minor modifications," Brown said. "So we're really cautious about making changes, something that we think really works well.

"The optionality that you see, particularly in other leagues, with different types of jerseys, color rushes, being tried — we're exploring some things with some of the alternative jerseys. But as for now, we're really happy with the way our jerseys stand out."

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