Funny Pages: In Case of Emergency, Break Out the Memes


How did we get here?

We've succeeded, we've struggled, we've bounced back, and we've stumbled again. The whiplash that you're feeling is a Ravens team still searching for an identity. We create turnovers, until we don't. We stop the run, until we don't. We take shots downfield and run the ball, but also not really. It can be frustrating to watch, but here's some perspective.

For starters, we still have a lot of winnable games left and we're getting a lot of players back (hi Brandon Williams! We've missed you!). Secondly, take a second and ask yourself who the best team in the league is. The Patriots? HA! They have the league's worst-ranked defense and they basically lost to the Jets (I'm asterisking that win). Denver? SCOFF. They just lost to the winless Giants.

Every team in the NFL has issues. This league is ripe for the taking, you just have to believe that the Ravens can get back to the basics: run the football, play great defense, and let Tucker kick 60 yard field goals. It's possible and I think we can put it together before it's too late.

I'm expecting the Ravens to figure out what they do best so, this week, I've decided to do the same. If you've come here for any kind of real football insight (a hearty LOL) you've obviously never read my articles. I'm not a grey-bearded wizard, I can't tell you if we're going to find our rhythm or bottom out entirely. I make dumb jokes and weird memes.

It's clear to me that the only way we can climb out of this funk is for me to stop running from the inevitable. This is a weekly article that makes Ravens memes, so today we're going to make Ravens memes out of real-life memes.

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See you next week, meme fans.

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