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Funny Pages: We Have To Steal The Declaration Of Independence


Tony Jefferson has had a busy offseason.

Life is pretty hectic when you're a newly signed NFL player who is also the (unofficial) Director of Free Agent Recruitment for the Baltimore Ravens. Jefferson has been a vocal leader both on the field and off and was instrumental in swaying Pro-Bowl WR Jeremy Maclin to the Purple and Black. These are the little things that help turn a good team into a paper powerhouse.

To thank him for his service, I reached out to Director Jefferson to see if he wanted any GIF support:

But with a little more time (and A LOT more coffee) I think more progress was made:

(Marvel / Iron Man)

Godspeed, Tony Jefferson. Godspeed.

Taking a break from football, we have an awesome 4th of July weekend approaching. As a reminder, here are a few freedoms you are awarded in America:

  • You can mix blue food dye into your ketchup to make it purple
    • You can ban mustard on the grounds that it's a Steelers color
    • You can name your grill "John Charbaugh"
    • You can order two custom jerseys: one (#17) with "Happy Birthday" on it and the other (#76) with "Merica."

Those are just a few terrible ideas to get your wheels spinning. Now please enjoy these equally terrible GIFs:

(Universal Pictures / Fast and Furious)


(Disney / National Treasure)

Happy 4th, Ravens Nation!


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