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Late For Work 10/5: Outpouring Of Love & Respect After Justin Forsett's Departure Is Incredible


Outpouring Of Love & Respect After Justin Forsett's Departure Is Incredible

I can only assume that yesterday was rough on running back Justin Forsett and his family after the nine-year veteran was released from the Ravens.

As the family goes through a transition period of searching for a new job and likely getting ready to move to a new home, my hope is that Forsett can at least look back and be proud of the legacy he left in Baltimore during his three-year stay.

The outpouring of love and respect for Forsett upon hearing the news of his departure is simply incredible.

On the field, Forsett will be remembered as the journeyman who thought his career may be over before getting one last chance to prove he was a legitimate starter in Baltimore. He came in at the *perfect *time as the Ravens had suddenly lost Ray Rice in 2014. The ground attack could have been a major weakness, but Forsett filled in with grace and became the feel-good story of the year rushing his way to a Pro Bowl.

What would the Ravens have done without him that year?

But beyond the field, Forsett leaves a legacy as one of the classiest human beings to ever grace the Under Armour Performance Center. His approach to adversity, service in the community and treatment of everyone around him are inspiring. He spearheaded efforts last year to donate $100,000 in body wipes and bottled water to Flint, Mich., and helped flood victims in Baton Rouge, La., before a preseason game this year in New Orleans.

Even in his departure, he thought of others, walking up and down the facility halls saying goodbye to coaches, teammates and even the staff in the business wing. He told Terrance West, the man who won the starting job he once held, to "go eat & don't look back!"

I've never seen a player receive such an outpouring of (well-deserved) praise from teammates, media members and Ravens employees for the man *that he is, *not just the athlete.

"Don't you make me cry on Twitter lol," Forsett wrote last night after receiving a kind message from teammate Kyle Juszczyk.

I can make no promises. Here's the mark Forsett leaves behind …

Forsett will be missed greatly in the locker room as well as in the community. He helped the Ravens through some tough times following RR. — Brian Bower (@sportguyRSR) October 4, 2016

Could Forsett Land In Denver With Gary Kubiak?

As hard as it to see Forsett go, it was the best thing for both sides, which is why it was a*mutual *decision.

The Ravens turned to West against the Oakland Raiders to jumpstart the running game, and he delivered with 113 yards and a touchdown. They also have rookie Kenneth Dixon, who is expected to return this week and can also compete for the starting role.

"When the Ravens say it was a mutual parting, it really was a mutual parting," reported's Mike Garafolo. "Forsett could have stuck around there and waited to see if the younger guys failed and then went back to him. But he said that in the meantime, 'I'm not going to wait for that. Let me see if I can go find a situation somewhere else.'"

"[A]s the Ravens try to keep pace in a bustling AFC North, they know they must get younger and stronger quickly," added's Conor Orr. "Forsett also realizes that he doesn't have much time to sit around and wait."

Apparently the Ravens had trade discussions last week, but after a deal couldn't be completed, both sides chose to move on, according to Garafolo.

What will be Forsett's next move?

It won't be easy to find work as a 31-year-old back in the middle of the season, but, per Garafolo, he doesn’t have to rush into his next decision because he will get his full $3 million salary from the Ravens since he was on the roster Week 1.

"There might be a [market for him] depending on how this season goes," Garafolo said. "You've got a couple situations that are a little unsettled for contenders. You go to Denver and that backfield, it doesn't seem like they love a lot of their younger guys. C.J. Anderson is obviously the bell cow there.  [The Broncos] were interested in Forsett when he was cut for a couple of days with the Ravens before they brought him back."

Heading to Denver could make sense as Forsett would reunite with Gary Kubiak, who was the offensive coordinator in Baltimore during Forsett's Pro Bowl season. They also worked together in Houston.

"I don't get the sense that something is going to happen immediately, but it could happen in, let's say, the next weeks or months," Garafolo said.

Ravens Work Out Two Free Agents

The Ravens now have an open roster spot, and will need to decide what to do with it.

As The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec pointed out, they could easily just slide tight end Darren Waller into the spot as he completed a four-game suspension this week. But, it looks like the team is also looking at some outsiders.

OL Mike Liedtke just wrapped up his workout w/the Baltimore Ravens and is now heading to Jacksonville to work out w/the Jaguars tomorrow. — Brett Tessler (@TesslerSports) October 4, 2016

Elvis Dumervil Requests Prayers For Haiti

Ravens outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil asked his social media followers to pray for Haiti, which was hit yesterday by Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Atlantic tropical storm in almost a decade, according to NBC News. 

"Matthew, a powerful storm with sustained winds of 140 mph, made landfall in Haiti just after 7 a.m. (8 a.m. ET) Tuesday," the news outlet explained. "With communications down across much of the island, it remained too early to accurately assess the damage Wednesday morning, but civil defense officials said many homes had been destroyed or damaged in the south."

Dumervil has a very close connection to Haiti as his parents were born there. He also spent a significant amount of time and money during the offseason to help to rebuild 58 Haitian homes that were destroyed in the 2010 earthquakes.

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