Ravens Gameday Experience Ranked Among the NFL's Best

M&T Bank Stadium

The Ravens' gameday experience at M&T Bank Stadium is one of the NFL's best, according to an annual fan survey.

In the NFL's annual Voice of the Fan survey – a league-wide study that rates the gameday experience satisfaction of fans – the Ravens ranked near the top in several categories.

Baltimore was No. 2 in the league in overall stadium technology. That included a No. 1 ranking in primary video board content (the Ravens have the biggest TVs in Maryland) and a No. 3 ranking in Wi-Fi service.

In 2019, the Ravens completed a three-year, $120 million self-funded investment project to enhance the fan experience, which included those video displays and Wi-Fi upgrades.

The Ravens were No. 2 in value of their food and beverage after reducing the price on many popular gameday concessions in 2018 with “Flock Friendly Fare.” M&T Bank Stadium ranked third overall in food and beverage.

Last month, the Ravens and Maryland Stadium Authority finalized an extended lease on M&T Bank Stadium through at least the 2037 season.

"We are excited that M&T Bank stadium will be home to the Ravens for at least the next 15 seasons," President Sashi Brown said. "We also look forward to working with MSA to make key investments to 'the Bank' that Ravens fans deserve. These improvements will allow the Ravens to continue delivering one of the NFL's best gameday experiences and to attract world class concerts and events to Baltimore and the capital region."

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