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The Caw: Joe and Dana Flacco Welcome Baby No. 5


Joe and Dana Flacco are elite at pumping out kids.

The couple welcomed in their fifth (FIFTH!) child last week. Joe posted the adorable pictures, to which Twitter collectively replied, "Awwww!"

Little Thomas joins brothers Stephen (5), Daniel (4), Francis (3) and sister Evelyn (18 months). Five kids ages 5 and under? God bless Dana! I've made it to four, and I'm am definitely stopping.

Dana gets bonus points because Joe frequently jokes about how he tries to leave most of the dirty work for her. He said he gets out of changing diapers as often as possible.

"With kids, it's tough but it's a lot of fun too," Joe told "The Lounge" podcast last year. "You have to realize, they can't wait until I get home. When they see me walk through that door, I hear six little feet spring toward the door.

"They're trying to tackle me as soon as I walk through the door for the next three hours. So, it's a lot of fun. At the same time, it's a lot of work. They have a ton of energy, so to get down on the floor and wrestle with them for three hours, it's like, 'Man, is it there bedtime here yet?'"

As exhausting as that sounds, the Flacco household just got even crazier. Joe will now have 10 little feet sprinting toward the door (give Thomas a few months year to join in) when he comes home.

Joe and Dana have frequently said they want a large family. Joe is one of six children himself. He said following the birth of their daughter (the fourth) that they'd have at least one more.

Beyond that, Joe said, "Shoot man, we'll see …"

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