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After Sunday's Win, Lamar Jackson Pulled His Car Over to Sign Autographs for Out-of-Town Fans


Here's a little insight into the kind of guy Lamar Jackson is.

After Sunday's 23-17 home win over the Arizona Cardinals, Jackson showed up to his press conference kind of bummed out.

It was surprising considering the Ravens had just won and he had personally set another record, becoming the first player in NFL history to throw for at least 250 yards and rush for at least 120 in a game.

But Jackson thought there were missed opportunities for a lot more.

"I feel like it was all right," Jackson said. "Came out, executed some things. Could have been better. There's a lot of passes I want back, some sacks I want back, but we came out with the victory."

The frustration with himself didn't stop Jackson from showing his love for the fans, however. A fan at Sunday's game passed along this story from the walk back to their car after the game.

Someone in a group near them spotted Jackson in his car as he was creeping along in traffic. The fans told Jackson they came all the way from Kentucky (probably Louisville fans) to watch Jackson and the Ravens play.

Jackson pulled over his car, got out and started leisurely signing autographs for them.

It's no grand gesture but is pretty darn cool.

"I'm not that type of celebrity guy. I don't feel untouchable," Jackson said during a recent appearance on "The Lounge" podcast. "I'm friendly with everyone. I'm friendly with the kids. Baltimore is home for me, so I just embrace it all."

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