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Check Out This Fan's Awesome Lamar Jackson Jack-O'-Lantern


Give Josh Crawford the award for best use of time during the Ravens bye week.

Crawford has been carving jack-o'-lanterns for several years, since the Ravens ran a contest seeing who could carve the best Raven-ized pumpkin. This year, with the extra time of the bye, he outdid himself.

Everybody else can just stop because this Lamar Jackson jack-o'-lantern will not be topped.

Crawford said it took him about three to four hours to lay out the design and another six hours to carve it. He started Sunday during the New England Patriots-Cleveland Browns late afternoon game and finished during Sunday Night Football.

The inspiration came in August during the Ravens' preseason game against Green Bay when Jackson hurdled over Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander for a touchdown run (that was negated by a penalty).

"When I saw the photo of Lamar Jackson during the preseason game, I immediately knew I would have to do that this year," Crawford said. "They've gotten a little more intricate over the years."

Crawford, 30, is a Carroll County native and University of Maryland graduate who now lives in Washington, D.C. As a season ticket holder, he still comes up to Baltimore to watch games from his upper-level seats.

For any Ravens fans who want to see this in person, Crawford will have the jack-o'-lantern out on his front porch Thursday night. Probably worth the drive.

"I don't know how many Ravens fans will be out around me, but I'll put it out nonetheless," Crawford said.

Below are some of his jack-o'-lanterns from years past. Bravo, sir.

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