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Glitch Makes Lamar Jackson Unstoppable in 'Madden 20'


Just when you thought 2004 Michael Vick or Bo Jackson from Tecmo Super Bowl (for you oldies like me) were otherworldly video game talents, along came Lamar Jackson.

According to Sports Illustrated, gamers who got early access to "Madden 20" over the weekend quickly figured out that there are some glitches in the game.

Jackson may be the best running quarterback of all-time, but he's not quite this unstoppable (or is he?).

A glitch in the game has made it quite difficult to bring down ball carriers. It's especially hard when trying to tackle Jackson, who has 94 speed, 95 acceleration, 95 agility and 85 elusiveness ratings.

By the way, Vick had 95 speed and 97 acceleration ratings in "Madden NFL 2004."

Jackson isn't the only unstoppable Raven. Check out Justin Tucker (at the 1:33 mark above) shrugging off tacklers like they're gnats!

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