How Ravens Players Spent Their Four-Hour Flight Delay in Green Bay


It's a good thing the Ravens won Sunday in Green Bay, because the travel home was miserable.

Perhaps the most relieved people about the victory were the members of the team's charter flight crew, who had to break the news of a mechanical issue with the plane that led to a four-hour delay.

The Ravens were loaded up and ready to push back from the gate when a member of the service crew noticed hydraulic fluid leaking from the plane. They then determined that the team would need to take another plane … and that plane would have to come in from Detroit.

The Ravens spent about three hours sitting on the plane before de-boarding and then spent another hour sitting around the airport terminal. By the time the team landed in Baltimore it was after midnight.

The players turned to social media to occupy their time during the delay, and here's a collection of their posts:

And if the flight delay wasn't bad enough, it looks like Mike Wallace, Eric Weddle, Benjamin Watson and Jeremy Maclin all hit construction delays driving home. That just made Weddle have to wait even longer to enjoy his post-win sundae.

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