Justin Forsett Provides Injury Update


This piece, written by running back Justin Forsett, was originally featured on sportsblog.com.

As Ravens fans know, I broke two bones in my arm during our game vs. St. Louis almost a month ago. I had surgery the next day. While the prognosis for my recovery was about six to eight weeks, I'm happy to report that because I also have wolverine in my blood, I will probably be back in four to five weeks. I won't be able to play of course – I'm on IR [injured reserve]  – but I'm a fast healer and normally come back earlier than expected … I hope this is no different.

My current daily routine right now consists of waking up and getting some treatment in the morning. Aside from that, there's not too much I can do right now but let the bone grow. I have two plates in my arm, so I have to let the bone do the work. There's not too much pain anymore. I can move my arm around. The cast came off, and I'm in more of a splint, which I can take on and off. I was really happy about getting that thing off because I really didn't like having something covering body that didn't let me scratch an itch! Thankfully I was only in that for four days.

Now, when it comes to my kids, they think I'm a human jungle gym. I keep my splint on when I'm with them and try to keep my arm out of the way. My oldest says, "Daddy's arm hurts." It's funny.

It's definitely frustrating not to be out there, especially after finally getting my shot last year and having another good season this year. Having it get cut short … it's frustrating. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Even though I'm on IR, I still have a purpose and a role on this team. I'm always trying to help as many of my teammates as possible, on and off the field. I am doing my treatment at the facility, so I'm still around all the guys, which is nice.

Now that Buck Allen is our starting running back, I'm trying to encourage him, help him. I let him know when I see things that might be able to assist him. And then there are other guys on IR who have never been here before. I am trying to encourage them by letting them know that this is not the end and they still have football left in them. Another one of our running backs, Lorenzo Taliaferro, is injured – his second time on IR in his two-year career – so I'm trying to be here for him and the other IR guys, and lift them up as much as possible.

I'm definitely staying positive, but that doesn't mean that it's not hard to watch my teammates play on TV. I've been watching from my couch in my basement … my little man cave. I watch and know that there's nothing I can do to impact the game at that time. I get very emotional watching. Aw man, that Browns game. Who would have expected a kick-six blocked field goal to end the game? I went crazy! Thankfully, I didn't wake the kids up!

Anyway, I try to pick up on some things that can help the young guys who are taking over in the running back position now. I'll text the guys after the game and let them know what I thought they did well. I'm usually in a lot of the downs, and now we have a third-down guy and a fullback who we are using for blitz pickups. So I'll let them know they did a great job recognizing what was coming in the schemes, etc. I'm trying to encourage them as much as possible.

The bright spot in all of this is that I've been able to spend more time with my family. I've had a lot of time with my boys and wife, which is unusual during the NFL season. I've also been doing a lot of reading. Right now I'm into "The Purpose Driven Life" by Pastor Rick Warren. And Netflix. Lots and lots of Netflix. I've been watching this new show Jessica Jones and just started with Sons of Anarchy. My wife and I have also been watching The Black List. We're into it.

I'm keeping busy, but I'm definitely focusing on getting back out on that field. I have to come back a stronger, healthier, better me. My goal is to come back, make an impact and lead this team to a championship. That's my mindset.

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