Ravens Flockstar: Patricia Motley


I live in a heavily devoted Washington Redskins area and, yes, I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan.

I live in the outskirts of Washington, D.C., in Springfield, Va., to be exact, and I constantly get asked how/why I root for the Ravens. Heck, even Southern Marylanders love the Redskins (can someone explain that one to me?).

So when asked, I reply that of the very FEW good things that came out of my last relationship, it's becoming a Ravens fan. Really, that was one the best parts.

You see, my ex was from Baltimore City, a diehard fan, and one of his many "requirements" (don't ask, I know how bad it sounds!) was that I root for the team when we watched the games.

So, during the 2000-2001 season, I was introduced to the Ravens with a very lengthy and enthusiastic explanation of each of the players and coaches during every game – particularly, one Mr. Ray Lewis.

You see, I never disliked football and actually started watching it as a kid during that infamous season that the Redskins won the Super Bowl (1992). I just didn't necessarily follow any team or the sport, but I did like the game.

So, soon, I found myself cheering for a team that also happened to sport my favorite color … purple. I watched a defensive line that seemed to crush everyone in its path, and watched the team blossom, change and continue to finish every season with nail-biting endings!

During the time of the relationship, which was rather lengthy, I developed a strong love for the team, as well as the city. When the relationship ended … well, what can I say? … I was the loyal one, and I still am.

In fact, that next season, 2012-2013, I called it, on the first game. I knew the Ravens would win the Super Bowl. Ask my friends – even my Redskins friends – who heard me make that call!

So here I am, a few years later, a few years wiser, and a Ravens fan living near the nation's capital and surrounded by friendly and equally as loyal Redskins fans.

I'm a fitness trainer, so I usually teach Sunday mornings and then head to our fan group's sponsoring bar for grub, drink and the game. That will be the case this Sunday too. Redskins fans aren't too competitive with me. I think it's just understanding that the Ravens are a superior team.

But whenever I can travel up to Baltimore, there is nothing I love more than seeing M&T Bank Stadium lit up at any time during the year. I'm a proud Baltimore Ravens fan living in the greatest Commonwealth in the Union. Yes, Virginia, I am a Flockstar.


Patricia Motley

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