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Ravens Flockstar: Ravens Fan Stuck In Cowboys Territory


For almost 10 years of my life, I was raised in Harford County, Md., cheering for the Baltimore Ravens every second of it.

I actually wasn't even born in Maryland. I started my life in Virginia, moving to Maryland at the age of 3. But who wants to root for the Redskins? (Now that may be the only thing I share in common with the fans around me).

I would sit by my dad while he watched the Ravens games, and, hey, those purple jerseys really caught my eye. After years of sitting on the couch on Sunday afternoons, I soon became a huge Ravens fan. They had become my favorite team in my favorite sport.

Not only are the Ravens an amazing team, but they're also made up of amazing people. They go to community events, tweet nothing but motivation, and the Goodwill Gridiron Halloween party is hilariously awesome. I couldn't, and still can't, get enough of them.

Then, when I was in middle school, I was moved to Texas. The move was devastating, tearing me away from my beloved friends, and, even more, my team.

At first glance, Texas was awful. It was a wasteland of Cowboys fans, who despised every team but the one wearing the star. People would roam around chanting, "Go Cowboys," when they couldn't name a single player. Both friends and enemies would come to me spitting venom. They would try to compare stats, only to be shut down by the might of the Baltimore Ravens.

Ever since our arrival, my family has been a southern outpost for the greatest team in the NFL, defending our team with fact and pride. Among the few Ravens fans we have down here, I've been known for my Ravens pride, wearing jerseys and apparel with a smile wherever I go.

Whenever challenged about my Flock loyalty, I reminded them that the Dallas Cowboys have never beaten the Baltimore Ravens – not once since their creation. Our honorable 4-0 will become 5-0 this Sunday. I'm sure of it.

Recently, my dad came to me with two tickets to this Sunday's Ravens-Cowboys game. Given that the two teams only face off every four years, this is a rare spectacle. I'm 15 years old, and this will be my very first NFL game, obviously a Ravens game, and even better versus Dallas. This amazing opportunity will let me treasure the Ravens even more.

I will forever and always stand with my Ravens as they pave their way through team after team.

Go Ravens!

Joseph Charles

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