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Update: Rookie D-Lineman Daylon Mack Finally Delivers Cinnamon Rolls


Rookies at training camp have certain outside-of-football duties.

  1. Carry the helmets and/or shoulder pads of veterans off the field after practice
  2. Perform in the rookie talent show
  3. Provide special treats for the vets

Miss any one of those three things and it's hell to pay.

Rookie defensive tackle Daylon Mack found out the hard way when he forgot to bring cinnamon buns to a team meeting.

You forget the cinnamon rolls, you get peanuts!!!

So who would do such a thing? The prankster has willingly identified himself.

What would be the punishment if Mack ate the best/middle bite of the last cinnamon roll?

To be honest, I kinda feel bad for the "Mack Truck" at this point because we also got him pretty bad with our "What's in the Box?" Challenge, which left him very afraid of a football.

Good thing Daylon seems like a good sport. Welcome to the NFL, bud.

Update: This might all work out pretty well for Daylon!

Update 2 (Aug. 13): Mack finally delivered!

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