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SociaLight: Kids at Miles Boykin's High School Try to Get Out of Class to Celebrate


Before he was a Raven or a member of the Fighting Irish, Miles Boykin was a Celtic. Boykin attended Providence Catholic High School in New Lenox, Ill. and it's safe to say his high school is quite proud of him.

The school has been there every step of the way, cheering their prominent alumnus on.

He even has his own hashtag at the school!

Boykin has gone back to serve as an ambassador for the school.

Anyone else remember trying to think of any possible way to get out of class in high school? (Just me? Okay.) Well, one clever student at Boykin's alma mater decided to milk the Celtic's pride for the star wide receiver.

And Miles was on board.

No report yet on if it actually worked, but there's always his next touchdown!

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