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The Caw: 3-Year-Old Ravens Fan Shows Off On 'Steve Harvey' Show


Last October, we were introduced to Jamie Hill, the little boy who can recite the Ravens roster.

Well, tomorrow the nation is going to meet this adorable 3 year old.

Hill's skills were put to the test by Steve Harvey on an episode entitled "Little Big Shots." Check out the entire show tomorrow on WBAL at 3 p.m.

A producer saw Jamie's original Facebook clip and called the Hills in late March. On April 8, the Columbia, Md. residents were told they would be taping in Chicago four days later. After a quick refresher with the Ravens yearbook, the family, with a newborn in tow, took Jamie's first flight together.

The producer asked the Hills to give them a list of jersey numbers Jamie had memorized – a list consisting of about 20 or 25 players. The show picked 10 numbers at random to quiz him.

Harvey gave Jamie some softballs with questions on who wore jersey No. 5 and No. 9, which Jamie, of course, crushed out of the park. But Harvey also asked about No. 14 (wide receiver Marlon Brown) and No. 15 (wide receiver Michael Campanaro).

"I wasn't worried about him knowing the numbers," father Jeff Hill said. "More that he would be intimidated and shy when this big guy he's never met started asking him questions."

Jamie was practically weeping when they first took the stage, but Harvey turned on the charm and the two became quick buds.

Since Jamie got all 10 questions right, he got a bounty of gifts sent by the team, including a personalized jersey that reportedly comes down to Jamie's knees but is still being worn as much as possible. The prizes were announced with a video from kicker Justin Tucker to Jamie.

Jamie was a bit thrown off by his name on the back of a No. 9 jersey, however.

"That's me," he said as Harvey showed him the jersey. "Yeah, and No. 9 is Justin Tucker."

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