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The Caw: Dennis Pitta Is Ravens' Biggest 'Bachelorette' Fan


Breaking news today from Ravens headquarters. We now know the ringleader of the Ravens' Monday night "Bachelorette" band of brothers.

As you may have seen, quarterback Joe Flacco, kicker Justin Tucker, tight end Dennis Pitta, tight end Nick Boyle and wide receiver Daniel Brown spent their Monday night watching "The Bachelorette" together. And, no, there weren't any wives or girlfriends present.

Tucker dished the full story after Tuesday's practice. Consider this to be the post-series special where you get all the real dirt.

Guys Night was spent at the Pitta household because, yup, Pitta is the group's ringleader.

"Dennis for sure," Tucker said when asked to name the show's biggest devotee. "Pitta's a huge 'Bachelor,' 'Bachelorette' franchise fan."

Tucker is staying at Pitta's house during OTAs because Tucker's wife and newborn son are back home in Texas and he's between houses. So the crew decided to get together at the Pitta residence for a little male bonding.

"We forgot to fill out our brackets a couple weeks ago, so we're playing catch-up at this point," Tucker said, adding that he thinks the wives would encourage them to watch the show.

"We're all proud fans. So it's no big deal."

Fullback Kyle Juszczyk also wanted to be at the viewing party, but missed out on the fun.

"We've been giving him a really hard time today," Tucker said. "So hopefully he'll make it for the rose ceremony tonight."

Yup, sounds like the group is getting back together to see who the bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher, axes. Will it be Aaron Rodgers' brother, Jordan, or Justin Forsett's cousin, Christian?

Either way, you can bet Tucker will be glued to the TV.

"I've seen a few episodes in the past. Knowing what it's all about, I'm definitely more of a fan of 'The Bachelorette' than 'The Bachelor,'" he said.

"In 'The Bachelorette,' the girls are kind of catty, they argue with each other. With the dudes, there's a fight that could break out at any minute. That's what American television viewers yearn for."

Hey, that's probably part of what makes the NFL so popular too.

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