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The Caw: Donald Trump Thinks Joe Flacco Is Elite


"Is Joe Flacco elite?" is now one of the most pressing issues of the Republican primaries.

You know how I know?

Because The Donald is talking about it.

Leading Republican nominee Donald Trump was asked the question as part of a Twitter outreach #AskTrump.

"I think Joe Flacco is actually a very elite quarterback," Trump said, citing Flacco's Super Bowl XLVII run and his "great arm."

Check out his video below:

First of all, Flacco has now reached a level even higher than elite. He is "very" elite.

Second, I love how the Flacco elite debate has completely taken over the Republican primaries.

It began with PFTCommenter getting his "Is Joe Flacco a ELITE Quaterback?" sign on MSNBC. The Twitter jokester upped the ante last week, getting inside the latest Republican Presidential Debate to directly ask former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee the pressing question himself.

Well, The Donald may have now gained some more votes in Maryland. What a savvy politician.

Now I'm just waiting for each candidate to add their take on Flacco to their official platforms. It should be listed among their key platforms items, along with global warming and foreign policy.

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