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The Caw: Elvis Dumervil's 'Super Wife' Delivers Him Lunch At Work


Remember when your mom used to pack your lunch before school? And when you forgot it, she would drop it off for you in the main office?

Yeah, Elvis Dumervil still gets that kinda treatment. Lucky dude.

Dumervil's wife, Jennifer, has been making and delivering her husband's lunch to the Under Armour Performance Center. Oh, and the couple also has a six-month-old daughter.

Not enough attention is paid to the strong women beside the players, but Jennifer is a great example of how a player performs his best with the help of his partner.

Not sure how long this lunch service has lasted, but it seemingly started this past offseason as Elvis was coming back from a foot-area surgery.

His recovery took longer than expected and he missed the first three weeks of the regular season. After two games back, he wasn't happy with how he felt and went back into rehab. He missed the next five games before Sunday's game-winning sack/strip against the Cincinnati Bengals. [


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Elvis said there was a point during his rehab when it crossed his mind that he may not play this year, but Jennifer helped push him through.

"She was like, 'We worked too hard. Too much is going on. It's gotta happen,'" Elvis said on “The Lounge” podcast.

"My wife's been very big in this whole process. I had to change my whole diet. My wife is a great cook. She delivers lunch here now still. She makes sure I eat right to try to make the difference of me not being out there running around and training hard."

This is amazing because the Ravens already have a really good cafeteria that the players all dine in. It's actually gone healthier in recent years (I still miss you, cookies), but not quite good enough for the Dumervils' standards.

"Yeah, I have a super wife," Elvis said. "What you put in your body … I've learned this year, I used to hear it a lot, but it's really real."

Part of the Dumervils' diet is swearing off any fast food, which doesn't sound like any new revelation. When talking about his parents' homeland of Haiti, Elvis said the people are happy despite their poverty, in part, because they eat so healthy.

"Fast fast food is killing people," he said. "Here in America, yeah, we're in a nicer situation, but what you're eating … you're busy, they know how to make you distracted by being busy so much and you eating bad. So guess what? Over time, you start to hurt.

"You keep getting hurt and they give you pharmaceutical drugs. I have a different way of thinking about that, but it's a crazy setup."

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