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The Caw: Eric Weddle Is Converting San Diego Fans To Ravens


Eric Weddle isn't stopping at recruiting free agent players to Baltimore.

Now the Ravens safety is converting San Diego fans too.

Since the Chargers bolted (pun intended) San Diego for Los Angeles, there are probably some fans looking for a new team. Weddle, a nine-year Chargers alum, and Woodhead, who spent the past four years there, are more than happy to welcome them to Baltimore.

Check out this Twitter exchange between them and Eric Stangel, who is the executive producer of "The Harry Connick Jr. Show" and longtime executive producer/head writer at the "Late Show with David Letterman."

If you didn't notice, Weddle replied to Stangel by saying his Ravens conversion "should already be done." Woodhead also chimed in with "why wouldn't u."

Heck, Weddle and Woodhead will probably even take some partial converts.

Canton resident Lance Micucio says he's adopted the Ravens as his No. 2 team because of Weddle. It's tough to take the top spot considering Micucio was named after Hall of Fame Chargers wide receiver Lance Alworth.

"I was born a Chargers fan; I didn't really have a choice," he said. "Weddle definitely did a lot to make me a Ravens fan. If Weddle wasn't on the team, I probably would be a fair weather fan. Now I really root for them."

Micucio used to only go to Ravens games when they were playing against his Chargers. Last year, he went to the Ravens-Steelers and Ravens-Browns tilts at M&T Bank Stadium, and now his Baltimore fandom has taken another step forward with the addition of Woodhead.

"Weddle is probably my second-favorite Charger," Micucio said. "No, third. No, wait, fourth. It's Alworth, LT [LaDainian Tomlinson], Junior [Seau] and then Weddle. Don't tell him that. Nah, go ahead, I think he'll appreciate that."

The Ravens aren't scheduled to face the Chargers again until 2018 in Los Angeles. We'll see how many converts Weddle and Woodhead can get before then.

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