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The Caw: Eric Weddle Nearly Got Kicked Out of the Masters


By nature, Ravens safety Eric Weddle is a loud, excitable guy.

That doesn't always mix well with golf.

Weddle got tickets to this year's Masters from his buddy and professional golfer, Charley Hoffman, who also hails from Southern California. Hoffman is the guy who made the epic hole-in-one on No. 16 Sunday.

However, Weddle nearly didn't get to see it because of a security guard that threatened to kick him out.

Weddle teased the story on Twitter:

The Golf Channel's Steve Sands shared more of the story on "The Tony Kornheiser Show" after running into Weddle Sunday night.

The Masters has strict rules against yelling anything at the golfers. Officials don't want anybody like the crazy fan in "Happy Gillmore."

Weddle was watching Hoffman warm up at the driving range when he yelled "Let's go, Charley!" A security guard came over and told Weddle that he not only couldn't scream, but that he could get booted for heckling. Weddle, of course, said he was just cheering for his buddy.

Hoffman had to come over to tell the security guard that Weddle is a friend and he should lay off.

Hoffman went on to shoot 5-under par on the final day and finish 6-under for the tournament (tied for 12th). And, yes, Weddle was allowed to see the whole thing.

"It's a weird kind of vibe there if you're trying to do anything out of the norm," Sands said. "And Eric Weddle found out the hard way."

It seems Hoffman, who was born in San Diego, was a fan of Weddle’s all the way back in 2010. The New York Times wrote that Hoffman wore Weddle's jersey to a Chargers game that he got tickets to on Craigslist. I'm going to guess that Weddle hooks him up these days.

This isn't the first time Weddle has loudly cheered for Hoffman at the Masters. Check out this story from 2015, when Weddle shouted the same thing.

Weddle tweeted that he got another invite for next year's Masters. Will he shout again?

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