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The Caw: Eric Weddle Scarfs A Gallon Of Ice Cream After Every Ravens Win


In case you missed it, Ravens safety Eric Weddle tweeted this after Sunday's win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Turns out, Weddle's post-victory reward isn't just a bowl of ice cream. It's more like an entire gallon of ice cream.

I got the inside scoop (pun intended) from Weddle this week.

He said the tradition began in Baltimore. While with the San Diego Chargers, he used to eat desserts "like every night" and have a big ice cream sundae the night before a game.

"I was like, 'New team, new year. I'm going to sacrifice that,'" Weddle said. "Since I don't do it all week, I freakin' go ham after the game."

First, the Ravens have to win. To be clear, this is only victory ice cream.

"I'm not a happy camper when we lose, not only because we lost, but I don't get my ice cream," Weddle said.

After a win, Weddle stops by the grocery store and picks up two gallons of ice cream, as well as two additional gourmet pints.

"I usually eat one of the pints, and then I'll get into one of the gallons," Weddle said. "And a couple hours later, I'll get into it some more. Kids go to bed, just sitting there, hanging out with my wife, housing ice cream."

So what are his favorite flavors?

"I like cookies and cream, birthday cake, caramel, pralines and cream, old-school rainbow sherbet, Reese's peanut butter cup, strawberry, sometimes I'll mix in gelato. I do it all," Weddle said. "Then I put in toppings, whether it's sprinkles, different kinds of cookies, Berger Cookies."

Nice Baltimore touch with the Berger Cookies.

As Weddle said all this, cornerback Shareece Wright, sitting in the neighboring locker, went, "Geeez!"

"Everyone's like, 'Oh my gosh, you're eating so much sugar!'" Weddle said. "Look, I just burned probably 10,000 calories in the game and sometimes that is my dinner. I eat breakfast and then sometimes I'll skip dinner and go straight to ice cream."

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