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The Caw: Fake Ray Lewis Is Back With Pump-Up Speech To Stop Ezekiel Elliott


He's baaaaack!

You may remember Fake Ray Lewis, a.k.a. impersonator Andre Boyd, from his Halloween pep-talk last year, in which he told his kids to "trick or treat with effort!"

Well, he's back this week with a motivational speech for the Ravens defense as it prepares for the NFL's leading rusher, rookie Ezekiel Elliott, and the Dallas Cowboys offense.

"Turn your linebacker Bibles to Ezekiel 2:1. 'Son of man, stand up on your feet and I will speak to you," Fake Ray Lewis says.

"Translation: Somebody just got knocked out!"

What's amazing about this is 21 is Elliott's jersey number, and that literally is the Bible verse from Ezekiel 2:1.

"A running back is only as good as his confidence dictates," Fake Ray Lewis continues. "That confidence is amplified by the protection around him. Take away the foundation, eliminate the threat."

You know, even though you know it's a fake, I still want to run through a brick wall for this man.

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