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The Caw: Family Feud's Steve Harvey Tells Amari Cooper To Follow Steve Smith's Lead


Wait a second. When did Steve Smith Sr. get a reputation for following orders?

The Ravens wide receiver was on Sunday night's episode of "Celebrity Family Feud."

He was paired up with four other AFC offensive players (Jets receiver Brandon Marshall, Raiders receiver Amari Cooper, Bengals running back Jeremy Hill and Patriots tackle Marcus Cannon) and took on five NFC defensive players.

Surprisingly, the Ravens jokester didn't steal the show. Not surprisingly, the veteran competitor seemed pretty intent on winning.

It was an interaction that host Steve Harvey had with Cooper that gave Smith some props. Cooper put two hands in front of his buzzer and Harvey corrected him, saying he was only allowed one.

"You be like No. 89, you'll be around a long time, make a lot of money," Harvey said.

The crowd applauded Smith's 16-year career as Smith gave a subtle smile. Harvey hushed the crowd and turned back to Cooper.

"You're only going to be around a long time if you learn how to follow instructions," he joked.

If the second-year Raiders receiver wants to be like Smith, he may be better off constantly defying expectations.

By the way, here's a flashback to last year when Terrell Suggs nearly broke the buzzer on "Celebrity Family Fued."

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