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The Caw: Follow Goofball Brandon Williams Inside a Ravens Morning Workout


Ravens nose tackle Brandon Williams is either the most lovable or most annoying teammate you could ever have. Actually, he may be both.

Williams must have gotten some good rest over the Labor Day weekend because he was jacked up for Tuesday morning's lift after arriving between 6:30 and 7 a.m.

Williams posted more than 50 Instagram videos with his hilarious running commentary as the Ravens returned to work to continue preparing for Sunday's regular-season opener in Cincinnati.

His teammates looked like they enjoyed the lift, but Williams definitely raised the bar (pun intended).

Some takeaways:

  • Safety Eric Weddle is 5-foot-11, 200 pounds. By the looks of the video, he bench pressed the equivalent of offensive tackle James Hurst (315 pounds).
  • Running back Danny Woodhead is an animal, and he's definitely had enough of Williams' antics.
  • "The team that lifts together stays together." -- Brandon Williams. Frame that quote.
  • Williams hounds outside linebacker Za'Darius Smith for doing more talking than lifting. Meanwhile, all I see from Williams is a lot of flexing in the mirror haha.
  • Tight end Maxx Williams definitely does look like singer Ed Sheeran.
  • We now know the nickname given to undrafted rookie defensive end/fullback Patrick Ricard: Project Pat. I dig it.
  • Defensive tackle Carl Davis' dance moves have room for improvement. Sorry, Carl.
  • Looks like new guard/center Tony Bergstrom is in the first stage (astonishment) of workouts with Director of Performance Steve Saunders.

By the end, I think we're all feeling a bit like veteran tight end Benjamin Watson, who starts out laughing but ends up just staring blankly into the camera in disbelief that this commentary is still going.

I believe what Watson said is, "I can't get a workout in peace?"

No, no you cannot. Thanks for the morning laughs, Brandon.

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